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Choline (bitartrate) 100 capsules

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Product Description

Choline (bitartrate)

Our choline bitartrate is highly absorbable and promotes the critical roles of healthy methylation, DNA production, optimal cell function, as well as liver and brain health.

  • Supports healthy methylation, a significant role in the body for DNA and genes
  • Supports your cognitive function
  • Your liver shuttles fats for the body's needs-choline supports that vital process
  • Each capsule offers 275 mg of choline bitartrate, a highly absorbable form that promotes optimal cellular function
  • Helps with choline levels that might be low from certain diets, such as vegan and vegetarian
  • Supports life stages like pregnancy and post-menopause

Size: 100 Capsules - 3 Month Supply

More Product Information

On its own, the body doesn't make enough choline to meet daily needs. Our choline bitartrate is highly absorbable and promotes the critical role of healthy methylation, a simple process that has a far-reaching impact on multiple processes in the body, such as DNA production and optimal cell function. As important as it is, methylation is sometimes compromised by certain genetic variations (MTHFD1 and PEMT), causing increased choline needs. The takeaway on choline: Many don't get enough choline through diet alone. In fact, dietary intake is often below its daily value of 550 mg.


For a long while, choline was considered a non-essential vitamin. But recent evidence confirms that the body cannot make enough choline to meet daily needs. This evidence prompted the National Academy of Science to create a daily value for choline of 550 mg. What's important to know: Dietary intake of choline is often below this level, and choline is an important nutrient for a key process called methylation, as well as cell health, brain functioning, and the liver's important role in breaking down fats for use in the body. Methylation also supports vitamin absorption, DNA production and gene regulation-all critical roles for the body. It's required for learning, attention and memory, and certain genetic variations (MTHFD1 and PEMT) have been associated with increased choline needs. For women with low estrogen levels, saying during post-menopause, their choline needs increase. Choline requirements also rise during pregnancy.

One clinical trial showed that women with PEMT and MTHFD1 genetic variations who took 480 mg of choline daily during pregnancy had children with faster processing speed than those who did not take daily choline. Another trial's results suggested that higher intakes of choline promote the healthy breakdown of fat in the liver.

How To Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily, with meals.