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Capsol-TSR 72 capsules

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Product Description

Capsol-T Capsol-TSR A Sustained Release Food Based Dietary Supplement

Capsol-TSR provides sustained-release antioxidant support and a slow release which consistently releases ingredients throughout the night.

What Capsol-TSR is Best For

Capsol-TSR is recommended for people increasing their intake of sustained release antioxidants.

Capsol-TSR may be used for the following:

  • Antioxidant support

How Capsol-TSR Works

Capsol-TSR is a sustained release formula providing antioxidant support with green tea and capsicum powder.

CAPSOL-TSR is a product consisting of food grade decaffeinated green tea concentrate and a food grade Capsicum powder (from a mild chili-type pepper) in an optimum ratio giving an approximately 100-fold synergy compared to green tea alone.

One 350 mg capsule of CAPSOL-TSR has been shown in laboratory studies to be equivalent to drinking 16 cups of green tea but without the liquid and without the caffeine (D. J. Morré and D. M. Morré (2003) Synergistic Capsicum tea mixtures with anticancer activity. J. of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 55:987-994).

Capsol-TSR Serving Size

Normal serving size is 1 cap every 4 hrs. With the addition of the TSR (slow release) 1 cap can be done in the evening to allow for 8 hrs of sleep.

Capsol-TSR Ingredients

See label for ingredients.

Capsol-TSR Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider.

Capsol-TSR Where to Buy

Capsol-TSR product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Capsol-TSR Online here at or our clinic.