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Morus Fruit Tablets 100 tablets

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Product Description

Seven Forests Morus Fruit Tablets Sang Shen Er Ming Pian 100 tablets

What Morus Fruit Tablets is Best For

Morus Fruit may be used for the following:
  • Headache-Chronic
  • Hearing Loss
  • Vision-Diminished

TCM Functions

  • nourish blood
  • clear heat
  • settle yang

Morus Fruit Tablets Serving Size

2-3 tablets, three times per day

Morus Fruit Tablets Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Sang Shen Zi Mulberry 16%
Man Jing Zi Vitex 10%
Bai Shao Peony (White) 8%
Shu Di Huang Rehmannia (Cooked) 8%
Ci Shi Loadstone 8%
Zhen Zhu Mu Mother of Pearl 7%
Anemone Root 7%
Dang Gui (Shen) Tangkuei 6%
Chai Hu Bupleurum 6%
Huang Qin Scutellaria 6%
Mu Dan Pi (Su) Moutan 6%
Shan Zhu Yu Cornus 6%
Shan Yao Dioscorea 6%

Morus Fruit Tablets Side Effects

See label for side effects.

Morus Fruit Tablets Where to Buy

Morus Fruit Tablets product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Morus Fruit Tablets Online here at or our clinic.
Prop65: California Proposition 65. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.