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Product Description

Created by American Biotech Labs, Silver Biotics Silver Gel serves as an amazing healing compound that’s developed with the SilverSol technology. For centuries silver has been a great benefit in healing properties with the use of colloidal silver. Unfortunately, this type of silver wasn’t as safe as modern nano silver solutions. But in modern times, silver still goes above and beyond other options to provide even more genuine healing properties.

With the use of SilverSol, Silver Biotics Silver Gel provides a safe and effective way of taking care of the skin.

What is Silver Biotics Silver Gel?

Silver gel includes silver developed from SilverSol technology and deionized water. This mixture is combined with certain emulsions to create a gel that’s used to heal skin injuries, abrasions, and cuts. It is FDA approved, as with other American Biotech Labs’ products, even ingestible supplements.

However, Silver Biotics Silver Gel is only to be used on external areas of the body. Not only does the silver gel promote skin healing, but it also provides moisture to the surface of the skin and balances the body’s PH levels. It is a fast-absorbing and non-greasy gel that’s powerful and acts quickly to promote skin health. Consulting a physician before use is still a good idea, especially for those who are pregnant.

Features of Silver Biotics Silver Gel

This smooth gel has many features and positive aspects that make it a great choice for anyone in need of a quality skin product. It’s elements and ingredients are safe and reliable. The benefits of Silver Biotics Silver Gel are:

  • It doesn’t interfere with skin’s natural microbiome.
  • The gel is unscented
  • It is BPA-free
  • The product has no dyes or artificial colors.
  • The solution is created alcohol-free
  • It has a petroleum-free base unlike older versions of silver gel.
  • The product passed more than 30 safety studies and trials proving a safe product.
  • Silver Biotics Silver Gel is completely natural in all aspects.
  • The gel soothes skin from all sorts of irritants and damage.
  • Silver Biotics Silver Gel is safer than older colloidal silver technologies.

About the Ingredients of Silver Biotics Silver Gel

The ingredients in Silver Biotics Silver Gel are safe and effective. Tested and proven, this gel can work wonders for the skin and system with simple ingredients. And the ingredient are few, which add to its simple and clean foundation.


The process in which silver compounds are formed in Silver Biotics Silver Gel are similar to the old colloidal silver technologies, but instead developed in the SilverSol process. This type of silver, which is used in creams, gels and other products, is actually nano silver particles, which are safer and more effective. The flakes are mixed with deionized water to create a solution that serves as the base for the gel. This element can kill germs by destroying proteins.

Deionized water

Type II water, or DI water is mineral ion free pure water. This means that the water has no sodium, iron, copper, calcium or anions like sulfate and chloride. When water is used in certain ingredients it must have certain ions like this removed due to the electrically charges atoms and molecules in ionized water. This is especially important when it comes to mixing in silver particles.

May contain or previously contained:

Since the advent of SilverSol technology, silver is safer. From colloidal silver to nana-silver, some of the ingredients have fallen away. Although the gel does have an emulsifier, it may no longer contain T.E.A or the Carbomer type of polymer. But just for reference, these last two substances can be mentioned as original ingredients in silver gel.


Carbomers are acrylic acid polymers used as binding agents, gel bases, emulsifiers, and suspending agents in the pharmaceutical process. They are anionic in nature and acidic when unneutralized. A base is used to neutralize the carbomer creating a thickened substance.

T.E.A (triethanolamine)

Another ingredient that may be included in Silver Biotic, silver get is T.E.A. Triethanolamine works as an emulsifier and pH adjuster. You can find this substance in many things such as cosmetics, creams, and gels.

Silver Biotics Silver Gel Manufacturer Information

Silver Biotics Silver Gel is manufactured by American Biotech Labs. This company has taken centuries-old silver health technologies and created a modern silver formula which is safe and used to treat many issues inside and outside of the body. American Biotech Labs creates supplements and solutions for the immune system, sore tissues, and skin injuries and abrasions.

American Biotech Labs created Silver Biotics Silver Gel to use externally only. The gel can be applied for minor cuts and scrapes, sunburn, and dry skin. Recently, American Biotech Labs has been able to produce and market special formulas for dentists in the reconstruction of damage connective tissues as well, actually helping new tissues to form. As far as dental issues go, American Biotech products heal and protect serious issues and simple issues like bad breath and sore gums. You can find American Biotech Labs products on our site.