Brand: Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus (lemon scented) Essential Oil 10 milliliters

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Snow Lotus Essential Oils Eucalyptus (lemon scented) Essential Oil

Eucalyptus (lemon scented) Essential Oil is an oil from a eucalyptus from Ethopia with clear sweet-lemony notes used to regulate Qi, clear heat, and harmonize the mind.

BrandSnow Lotus Essential Oils
English nameEucalyptus (lemon scented) Essential Oil
Unit Size10 ml bottle
Western SymptomologyConfusion; Withdrawal; poor focus; Mental restlessness
ActionsRegulates Qi, clears heat and harmonizes the mind (Holmes, Clinical Aromatherapy, 2009)
IngredientsEucalyptus (lemon scented, Eucalyptus citriodora) essential oil, leaf, cultivated, organic, from Ethiopia.

A different eucalyptus from Ethiopia with clear sweet-lemony notes. Lemon-scented Eucalyptus gently provides clarity, insight and perspective. The oil is ideal for confusion, withdrawal and poor focus, as well as for mental restlessness. Also for various types of skin issues.