Brand: Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

Fir (Siberian) Essential Oil 10 milliliters

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Snow Lotus Essential Oils Fir (Siberian) Essential Oil

Fir (Siberian) Essential Oil is a classic, fresh, woodsy, conifer needle fragrance used to tonify and regulate Qi and strengthen the mind.

BrandSnow Lotus Essential Oils
English nameFir (Siberian) Essential Oil
Unit Size10 ml bottle
ActionsTonifies and regulates Qi, and strengthens the mind (Holmes, Clinical Aromatherapy, 2009)
IngredientsFir (Siberian, Abies sibirica) essential oil, needle, wildcrafted, organic, from Austria.

The classic fresh, woodsy, conifer needle fragrance that refreshes and invigorates mind and body. Siberian fir grounds and strengthens in states of grief, fear and insecurity. Also beneficial for emotional roller-coasters. Siberian fir can clarify and resolve confusion, apathy and indecision. May be used with Eucalyptus for chest and breathing problems.