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Rose Deluxe Hydrosol Mister 4 oz

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Product Description

Snow Lotus Essential Oils Rose Deluxe Hydrosol Mister

Rose Deluxe Hydrosol Mister is a rosewater, artisan rose hydrosol and used to calm, cool, and soothe any skin irritation including sunburn.

Unit Size: 4 oz Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Botanical name: Rosa damascena Plant part: The flower Origin: Bulgaria Production: Grown sustainably and organically without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers Extraction method: Water distillation of the semi-dried flowers

Fragrance profile: Also known as Rosewater, this premium artisan Rose hydrosol has an intensely floral-sweet and luxurious rosy fragrance, with fairly good persistence. Rosewater has an especially wet feel on the skin and is very hydrating, soothing and conditioning on the skin.

Mist Rose hydrosol for...

  • A luxurious soothing, sensual sweet-floral mist
  • A gentle hydrating conditioner for dry, delicate, sensitive, mature or damaged skin; also works by balancing the skin pH
  • Misting under serums, creams and moisturizers
  • Calming, soothing and cooling any skin irritation; for sunburn, and other similar skin conditions
  • Luxurious and soothing after shaving, especially followed by the Lavender-MSM Lotion