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Sage Essential Oil 10 milliliters

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Snow Lotus Essential Oils Sage Essential Oil

Sage Essential Oil is a fresh, bracing oil from wild Dalmation sage leaves and used to tonify Qi and Blood, resolve dampness, and strengthen the mind.

BrandSnow Lotus Essential Oils
English nameSage Essential Oil
Unit Size10 ml bottle
ActionsTonifies Qi and Blood, resolves damp and strengthens the mind (Holmes, Clinical Aromatherapy, 2009)
IngredientsSage (Red Root Sage officinalis) essential oil, herb, wildcrafted, organic, from Herzegovina.

A fresh, bracing oil from wild Dalmatian sage leaves. Camphor-herbaceous, Sage oil imparts strength, mental focus and grounding. For chronic tiredness, low stamina, withdrawal, spaceyness and memory loss. Sage is also used as a general balancing oil for women at all phases of reproductive life. Topically in low dilution Sage oil is for oily skin, scalp and hair.