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Organic Sun Eleuthero 1200 240 tablets

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Product Description

Organic Sun Eleuthero 240 tablets

Help your body adapt to stress, while supporting physical and mental stamina and overall well-being with Organic Sun Eleuthero.

Add Organic Sun Eleuthero to you daily regime, to restore, recharge and balance your life.

What is Eleuthero? Eleuthero, an herb, is an "adaptogen" which is defined as having the ability to help your body cope with stress. Eleuthero has been enjoyed by traditional Eastern cultures for thousands of years for its replenishing mental and physical benefits.

Why Sun Chlorella? Since 1969, Sun Chlorella has been a leading premier brand in the health industry, manufacturing products under the strictest conditions of sterility and accountability.

Third-party testing: Sun Chlorella products are regularly third-party tested for quality assurance.


  • Helps give you energy as you need it
  • Revitalizes your body
  • Helps your body cope with mental or physical stress
  • Helps support your natural defense system

Product Info

Serving Size: 12 Tablet

Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving
Total Carbohydrate:2 g
Dietary Fiber2 g
Calcium36 mg
Organic Eleuthero Root2 g
Eleutherosides B & E2.5 g
Protein67 mg

Other Ingredients:

Eleutherosides B & E per serving (naturally occurring), Organic Acacia Fiber Gum

Suggested Use

Suggested Daily Serving: 12 tablets


Keep out of reach of children.