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Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang 100 capsules

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Product Description

Sun Ten Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang 100 capsules

Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang, also known as Astragalus and Peony Combination tonifies qi, activates blood, and unblocks the meridians.

What it is best for:

Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang may be helpful for the following:

  • Drooling
  • Eyes-Vision Loss (Post-Trauma)
  • Speech-Impaired
  • Stool-Dry
  • Urination-Frequent
  • Urination-Incontinence
  • Supports normal menstruation


  • Tonify qi
  • Activate blood
  • Unblock the meridians

Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang helps with these Chinese Medicine patterns:

  • Spleen-Qi Deficient
  • Yang Organs- Qi Obstructed
  • Yang Qi-Deficient
  • Blood-Congealed

Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang by Sun Ten contains:

Concentrated powders of natural herbal products tend to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturer to add a suitable amount of excipient to stabilize the concentrated herbal products. Non-GMO starch are used as excipients.

Astragalus root (huang qi), Tang-kuei root (dang gui wei), Peach kernel (tao ren), Carthamus flower (hong hua), Cnidium root (chuan xiong),Red peony root (chi shao), Lumbricus (di long).

How you use it:

2-4 capsules, two to three times a day