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Huang Lian Jie Du Tang 100 capsules

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Product Description

About Huang Lian Jie Du Tang

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang is a Sun Ten Formulas product specifically created to treat Fire poison. Also referred to as Coptis & Scute Combination, the formula has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries. In fact, it was first recorded about 1500 years ago in a 40-volume work that contained more than 6000 formulas. Back in the day, Huang Lian Jie Du Tang was used for severe infections, sepsis, and other medical emergencies. In modern times, it has been altered so that its potency is weaker. This allows the formula to be more widely used for everyday health concerns.

How Huang Lian Jie Du Tang Works

The formula ingredients come loaded with potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antipyretic qualities, which makes the product a great option to treat a variety of health conditions. Indicatively, Huang Lian Jie Du Tang can be used for a variety of syndromes, including Lung Heat, Gu Syndrome, and Obstruction of the Three Jiaos caused by Fire Toxin, which spreads to both the Interior and Exterior. In Eastern Medicine, Huang Lian Jie Du Tang is the most preferred concoction for an impressively long list of conditions, such as:

  • Pneumonia
  • Acute pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Fevers
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Skin conditions (lesions, eczema, dermatitis, herpes, herpes zoster, deep-rooted boils)
  • Encephalitis
  • Blood diseases
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional instability and depression
  • Eye conditions (cataract, eyelid edema, blepharitis)
  • Fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Palpitations
  • Anxiety, hysteria, neurasthenia
  • Kidney issues (nephritis, acute pyelonephritis)

The same formula can also be effective in treating hypertension, schizophrenia, Behcet’s disease, jaundice, chronic pancreatitis, cerebral bleeding, cerebrovascular accident, menopausal syndrome, various acute conditions (acute gastroenteritis, infectious hepatitis, enteritis), leaky gut syndrome, prostatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, post-ischemic brain injury, sequelae of stroke, and peptic ulcer. Some studies even suggest that Huang Lian Jie Du Tang can contribute to the relief from peptic ulcer, post-febrile disease, constipation, and epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis.

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang Clinical Manifestations

The formula can help relieve symptoms like dry throat and mouth, irritability, high fever, palpitations, hemoptysis, carbuncles, maculae, dark urine, insomnia, incoherent speech, hematemesis, cloudy mind, diarrhea, hematuria, red eyes and face, rashes, tinnitus, furuncles, itchy skin, and jaundice. It can also help with delirium, dry lips, dysentery followed by fever, and epistaxis.

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang Ingredients

The formula contains the following compounds:

Pin Yin


Combine with

Huang Lian

Relieves toxicity, drains Fire and Dampness, and clears Heat.

Huang Qin and Zhi Zi – For dark urine, dry throat and mouth, irritability, and high fever caused by Fire toxin in the three burners.

Huang Qin – To help drain pathogenic Heat from the Middle and Upper Jiaos. It can help combat headache, swelling, redness, high fever, tongue and mouth ulcerations, and parched throat. It can also fight dry mouth, abdominal pain, filthy stools, dysentery, explosive diarrhea, rashes, epistaxis, and warm-fire febrile disease.

Huang Qin

Reduces edema, promotes urination, invigorates the Blood, resolves Fire toxins and clears Heat.

Zhi Zi to help treat jaundice, Damp-Heat, and Heat toxin-related sores, and Liver Fire-related irregular vaginal bleeding. It can also drain and clear Heat from the Lungs and symptoms like cough with yellow sputum, fullness in the chest, hematemesis, epistaxis, or fever.

Huang Bai

Relieves toxicity, drains Fire and Fire Deficiency, and drains Damp-Heat from all Jiaos (mainly the Lower Jiao)

Zhi Zi Tan to help treat painful urinary dysfunction caused by Lower Jiao Damp-Heat.

Zhi Zi Tan

Relieves toxicity, cools the Blood, drains Damp-Heat, reduces Fire, and clears Heat.

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage is three (3) capsules, two or three times a day. You can take the capsules either after or before a meal w3ith a glass of water. However, always speak with your healthcare practitioner before taking Huang Lian Jie Du Tang or another supplement.


The formula is contraindicated for people with a Stomach Yin Deficiency that is manifested via a red, coatless tongue.

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang should only be used for Excess individuals with strong constitutions.

Do not use Huang Lian Jie Du Tang long term to avoid Yin injury.

Important Notes

Consult your physician before using the formula (or any other dietary supplement) if you have a known medical condition or are an individual with diabetes.

The product is not intended for children under 18 years of age.

Pregnant women or nursing mothers should speak to their doctor first and then take Huang Lian Jie Du Tang per their healthcare professional's directions.

About the Manufacturer

Sun Ten Formulas is a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturer of supreme quality and highly effective herbal formulas. The company was founded in 1946 and has since provided patients and healthcare practitioners alike with herbal formulas created using the latest herbal extraction methods so they deliver the maximum range of their health benefits.

Some of the company’s best-selling products are fatigue and stress-relieving Suan Zao Ren Tang, Qi-tonifying Ma Zi Ren Wan, stagnant blood-fighting Tao He Cheng Qi Tang, insomnia-combating Gui Pi Tang, and liver-nourishing Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.