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Nu Shen San 100 capsules

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Sun Ten Nu Shen San

Nu Shen San, also known as Tangkuei and Cyperus Formula regulates flow of Qi, subdues ascending Qi, disperses stagnant Qi and dispels Blood heat.


Regulates flow of qi, subdues ascending qi, disperses stagnant qi, and dispels blood heat.

Traditional Indications

Blood stagnancy conformations marked by "flushing up" and dizziness especially suited for treating menopausal women with half-deficiency/half-excess conformations accompanied by blood heat.

Modern Indications

  • Menopausal symptoms
  • postpartum


Concentrated powders of natural herbal products tend to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturer to add a suitable amount of excipient to stabilize the concentrated herbal products. Non-GMO starch are used as excipients.

Tang-kuei root (dang gui), Cnidium root (chuan xiong), Cinnamon twig (gui zhi), Aucklandia lappa root (mu xiang), Oriental ginseng root (ren shen), Clove flower (ding xiang), Cyperus root (xiang fu zi), Areca seed (da fu pi), Atractylodes root (bai zhu), Chinese licorice root (gan cao), Coptis root (huang lian), Scute root (huang qin), Chinese rhubarb root (da huang).