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Yin Qiao San 100 capsules

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Product Description

Yin Qiao San Benefits:

  • Clears pathogenic heat toxins
  • Relieves exterior wind-heat symptoms
  • Alleviates common cold symptoms
  • Combats fever and pain
  • Helps with Fire-Poison and Wind-Heat

About Yin Qiao San

Also referred to as Forsythia and Lonicera (Honeysuckle) Formula, Yin Qiao San is a Sun Ten Formulas product that has been specifically created to help treat epidemic febrile (fever-related) diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. The carefully selected ingredients in Yin Qiao San help reduce fever and clear out toxins, making the formula an excellent option for those wanting to treat acute respiratory tract infections.

How Yin Qiao San Works

The formula contains two primary ingredients that have been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help fight Fire-Poison and Wind-Heat symptoms, namely Lian Qiao and Jin Yin Hua. Paired with all the other compounds in the Yin Qiao San formula, they offer much-needed support to people with fever, cough, chills, headache, earache, hives, contusions, a sore throat, and more. It is also used for Cold and Wind Aversion, as well as fever-induced sweating and acute skin rashes.

Yin Qiao San Ingredients

Jin Yin Hua – A flower that can effectively clear internal heat and alleviate inflammation. It also has potent anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antipyretic, detoxifying, fat-lowering, antibacterial, and antifertility properties. Jin Yin Hua can even help the discharge of bile from the body.

Lian Qiao – An herb widely used to clear accumulated heat and fight symptoms related to the common cold, dispel inner heat, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, stop vomiting, and even prevent meningitis.

Jing Jie – It is a particularly skin health-promoting herb that also relieves itching and clears rashes. Jing Jie (schizonepeta) is used for heavy menstrual periods, skin disorders (i.e., psoriasis and eczema), a sore throat, fever, and the common cold.

Jie Geng – The root of this plant is used to guide other herbs to the upper body and fortify their role. It also helps soothe the throat and clear phlegm. Jie Gen is an excellent herb to support respiratory health, disseminate Lung Qi, and expel pus. It carries potent immune-boosting, expectorant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Lu Gen – It promotes salivation and clears heat.

Gan Cao – Also known as licorice, it helps balance the herbs in the formula while also relieving spasms and boosting energy levels. It is also used to stop cough, resolve toxicity, expel phlegm, alleviate pain, and clear heat while augmenting Qi and tonifying the Spleen.

Bo He – It helps fight common cold symptoms, clears rashes, and eases a sore throat. Bo He also expels wind and heat, soothes the liver, treats headaches, combats eye redness, disperses Liver Qi stagnation, promotes eruption, and clears heat from the eyes and head.

Dan Dou Chi – Also referred to as soybean, it helps relieve common cold symptoms, dissipates depressive heat, eliminates irritability, releases the exterior, and influences the Lung and Stomach.

Dan Zhu Ye – This herb provides comfort to certain urinary conditions and dispels internal heat. It also helps alleviate swollen and painful gums caused by heat in the Stomach or Heart channels, treats mouth sores, and combats thirst and irritability related to heat patterns.

Niu Bang Zi – It fights common cold symptoms, including sore throat. It also has antipyretic and antibiotic effects that help fight fever while also dispersing wind-heat. Niu Bang Zi can be used to promote normal glucose levels, benefit the throat, vent rashes, moisten the intestines, and relieve toxicity.

Note: The formula also comes in a powder form. In this case, it also contains non-GMO starch in suitable amounts. This acts as an excipient and is added to help stabilize the concentrated herbal products. Excipients are usually used in concentrated powders of natural herbal formulas to absorb moisture from the air.

Yin Qiao San Dosing Instructions

The recommended dosage is 2-4 capsules. You can take them two or up to three times a day unless your healthcare provider instructs otherwise.

Important Note: Always check with your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary or nutritional supplement, especially if you are taking medications. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Yin Qiao San Side Effects & Contraindications

According to the manufacturer, you should avoid consuming greasy or spicy foods while taking Yin Qiao San. Also note that if your condition shows symptoms of damp-heat, you will need to modify the formula. Speak to your doctor about it.

About the Manufacturer

Sun Ten Formulas is a pharmaceutical-grade GMP-compliant manufacturer of leading herbal supplements that help enhance people’s quality of life and wellbeing. For the last 70 years, the company has been providing its products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Its formulas are created following strict manufacturing practices that ensure the safety, quality, efficacy, and consistency of the Sun Ten Formulas products.

The company holds several certifications from reputed organizations across the globe, including the NSF International Certification, the Japan Accredited Foreign Manufacturer Certification, and more.

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Where to Buy Yin Qiao San

Yin Qiao San product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Yin Qiao San Online here at or in person at our clinic.