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Huang Lian 40 packets 1 gram

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Product Description

Huang Lian Granules, 1gm sachet

Brand: TCM Zone 5:1 Singles

English name: Coptis Granules

Chinese name: Huang Lian Granules

Unit Size: box of 40/1 gm packets

Potency: 5:1 extract granules

Taste: Bitter - Bensky

Properties: Cold - Bensky

Contraindications: Because of its strong bitter, cold, and drying properties, it should be used with caution in those with patterns of cold, yang deficiency, or yin deficiency, especially those with cold from deficiency of the Spleen and Stomach. - Bensky

Chinese Symptomology: Diarrhea or dysenteric disorder due to damp-heat in the Stomach or Intestines; Vomiting and/or acid regurgitation due to Stomach heat; High fever, irritability, disorientation, delirium, red tongu, rapid and full pulse due to fire toxicity; Nosebleed, blood in the urine, stool, or vomit due to chaotic movment of hot blood - Bensky

Actions: Cools heat, drains fire (especially in the Heart and Stomach), dries dampness, resolves toxicity - Bensky

Pattern: Damp-heat in the Stomach or Intestines; Stomach heat; Fire toxicity; Chaotic movement of hot blood - Bensky

Channels Entered: Heart, Large Intestine, Liver, Stomach - Bensky

Ingredients: Huang Lian - Coptis

Excerpted from Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

  • Clears heat and drains dampness: for damp-heat in the Stomach or Intestines with diarrhea or dysenteric disorder. Also for vomiting and/or acid regurgitation from Stomach heat.
  • Drains fire and resolves fire toxicity: for heat with blazing fire with such symptoms as high fever, irritability, disorientation, delirium, red tongue, and a rapid and full pulse. Also for heat from excess with toxicity with such symptoms as painful red eyes and sore throat, and for boils.
  • Clears heat and stops bleeding: for nosebleed, or blood in the urine, stool, or vomit due to chaotic movement of hot blood.
  • Clears heat topically: used topically for red and painful eyes and ulcerations of the tongue and mouth.

Note: TCMZone products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a LICENSED health care professional.