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Pu Gong Ying 100 grams

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Product Description

Pu Gong Ying Granules, 100g Bottle

Brand: TCM Zone Single Herb Granules in Bottles

English name: Dandelion Herb Granules

Chinese name: Pu Gong Ying Granules

Unit Size: 100g Bottle

Potency: 5:1 extract granules

Taste: Bitter, Sweet - Bensky

Properties: Cold - Bensky

Contraindications: Administration of a large Serving Size may cause mild diarrhea. Allergic reactions have also been reported with pruritus, sensations of heat, urticaria, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, and mild diarrhea.

Chinese Symptomology: Internal abscesses and external sores, particularly if they are firm and hard;Redness and swelling of the eyes;Damp-heat jaundice and painful urinary dribbling;Especially useful for breast and Intestinal abscesses. --Bensky

Actions: Cools heat, resolves toxicity, directs downward, facilitates urination - Bensky

Pattern: Abscess, Liver heat, toxicity


Pu Gong Ying - Taraxaci Herba

Sweet, bitter, and cold, Taraxaci Herba (pu gong ying) cools heat, resolves toxicity, and excels at draining and directing downward, dispersing qi stagnation and clumping. It traditional sphere of activity is in the treatment of breast abscess and other sores; it can be used both internally and externally in such cases. Regarding its use, the Tang Materia Medica says that "for women's breast abscess and edema, boil into juice to both drink and apply: immediate results." The scope of the herb's activities has been expanding over the past few centuries, and is no longer limited to external disorders. It has been noted that Taraxaci Herbal (pu gong ying) is effective for painful urinary dribbling, for moderating diarrhea, and for reducing clumping. --Excerpted from Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

Note: TCMZone products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a LICENSED health care professional.