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Wu Yao 40 packets 2 grams

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Product Description

Wu Yao Granules, Box of 40 Packets (2g each)

Brand: TCM Zone

English name: Lindera Granules

Chinese name: Wu Yao Granules

Unit Size: Box of 40 Packets (2g each)

Serving Size: As directed

Potency: 5:1 extract granules

Taste: Acrid

Properties: Warm

Contraindications: Because this herb is acrid, warm, and drying, it can disperse the qi and deplete the blood. It should not be used in those with significant qi and blood deficiency or internal heat.

Chinese Symptomology: A stifling sensation in the chest, flank pain, and epigastric and abdominal pain and distention due to constraint from cold and qi stagnation;Lower abdominal pain, bulging disorders, or menstrual pain;Urinary frequency in incontinence due to insufficiency of Kidney yang and cold from deficiency of the Bladder. --Bensky

Actions: Smooths the flow of qi, disperses cold, alleviates pain.

Pattern: Constraint from cold and qi stagnation;Cold accumulation and qi stagnation;Insufficiency of Kidney yang and cold from deficiency of the Bladder. --Bensky

Branch: Bladder, Kidney, Lung, Spleen


Wu Yao - Linderae radix

Acrid, warm, and aromatic, Linderae Radix (wu yao) disseminates and unblocks the qi, in the upper body mobilizing the Spleen and Lungs, in the lower body pervading the Liver, Kidneys, and Bladder. It smooths the flow of qi, directing it downward if rebillious, disperses cold, and alleviates pain, dredging and unblocking rebellious pathogenic qi the the chest and abdomen. It is often used in the treatment of distending pain in the chest or abdomen, rebellious qi with cough and wheezing, cold qi in the Bladder leading to urinary frequency, painful bulging disorder due to cold, and gynecological qi blockage and blood stasis - all cases of rebellious qi and pathogenic cold contraint. --Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

Note: TCMZone products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a LICENSED health care professional.