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San Ren Zhu Ye Tang 10 packets 5:1 concentration

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Product Description

San Ren Zhu Ye Tang - MetaBoost Herbal Elixir

Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract granules (10x 2.5g single serving stick packs/box). Note: the date stamped on each packet is the manufacture date, not the expiration date.

Chinese Name: San Ren Zhu Ye Tang
English Name: MetaBoost

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses food ingredients with therapeutic effects to support and maintain health. The three herbal elixirs we have selected in this line have undergone the test of time and proven to be both effective and safe for daily use.

MetaBoost is devised to boost the metabolism and slim the body with all-natural ingredients.

Formula Principles:

Spreads and facilitates Qi, clears Damp-Heat from the Qi level by unblocking lung Qi, transforms and dries Dampness from the Middle Jiao, drains Dampness from the lower Jiao and boosts metabolism


Mai YaBarley Sprout
Xuan Lu GenReed Rhizome
Yi Yi RenCoix Seed
Xing RenApricot Seed
Zhu RuBamboo Shavings
Bai Dou Kou

Round Cardamon

Gan CaoLicorice Root

TCM Pattern:

Damp-Heat (early stage), summer heat with Damp, San Jiao Upper Jiao Heat, Wei Stage Damp-Heat


Mix one packet in hot water and drink as a tea 1-2 times daily, or add to your favorite tea, coffee, yogurt, or smoothie and stir well. Enjoy!