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Zao Ren Gan Mai Tang 10 packets 5:1 concentration

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Product Description

Zao Ren Gan Mai Tang - TranquiliTea Herbal Elixir

Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract granules (10x 2.5g single serving stick packs/box). Note: the date stamped on each packet is the manufacture date, not the expiration date.

Chinese Name: Zao Ren Gan Mai Tang
English Name: TranquiliTea

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses food ingredients with therapeutic effects to support and maintain health. The three herbal elixirs we have selected in this line have undergone the test of time and proven to be both effective and safe for daily use.

TranquiliTea is designed to help you unwind, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to rest after a long day's journey.

Formula Principles:

Invigorates the heart, adjusts the Qi, calms the mind, calms the Qi


Mai YaBarley Sprout
Xiao MaiWheat Berry
Gan CaoLicorice Root
Suan Zao RenSour Jujube Seeds

TCM Pattern:

Yin and Yang imbalance, weak heart and spleen Qi, kidney yin deficiency causing sleepless nights, restless, dreamy and easy to wake up, dizziness and forgetfulness by physical and mental stress


Mix one packet in hot water and drink as a tea 1-2 times daily, or add to your favorite tea, coffee, yogurt, or smoothie and stir well. Enjoy!