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Zuo Gui Yin grams

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Treasure of the East Zuo Gui Yin 100 grams

Zuo Gui Yin. also known as Restore the Left Kidney Formula replenishes the Yin, tonifies the Kidney, and strengthens vital essence and marrow.

Brand Treasure of the East Extract Granules Formulas
English name Restore Left Kidney Decoction Granules
Unit Size 100 grams (5:1 extract granules)
Chinese Symptomology Kidney Yin Deficiency; lumbago; vertigo; light-headedness; tinnitus; spontaneous and noctural emission; night sweat; mouth and throat dry; thirst; dizziness; afternoon or night low fever; dim eyesight; soreness and weakness in the lower back and legs; inc
Actions Replenishes the Yin; Tonifies the Kidney; Strengthens the Vital Essence and marrow
Ingredients Rehmannia glutinosa Root (Shu Di Huang), Dioscorea oppositae Rhizome (Shan Yao), Lycium barbarum Leaf (Gou Qi Zi), Cornus officinalis Fruit (Shan Zhu Yu), Poria cocos (Fu Ling), Glycyrrhiza uralensis Root (Zhi Gan Cao).

Left Side Yin Tonic Tablet - Achyranthes & Rehmannia - Nourish Yin Formula

Concentrated powders of natural herbal products tend to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturer to add a suitable amount of excipient to stabilize the concentrated herbal products. Non-GMO starch which contains maltodextrin, are used as excipients.