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Red Yeast Rice (Rx) 120 veggie capsules 600 milligrams

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Product Description

Red Yeast Rice (Rx) 600 mg 120 Veggie Capsules

  • Grown, harvested, and manufactured in Pennsylvania to strict GMP Standards
  • 100% Natural Whole Food Supplement
  • Supports healthy LDL levels*
  • Contains NO Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, or Soy

Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol? There’s an epidemic of cardiovascular issues in the world today. Several heart-related problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis seem to be more and more common each year. And combating these issues can become more difficult as well. You see, using pharmaceuticals isn’t generally the most desirable option for most individuals.

People look for more simplistic solutions to health problems. These are solutions that have few to no side effects and provide help and relief quickly and naturally. Being able to maintain your health in a nutritional and natural way just makes you feel better mentally as well. Pair this health solution with an improved lifestyle and diet, and this seems like the best possible way to treat illness.

What is Red Yeast Rice?

Red Yeast Rice is a Chinese medicine known to work wonders for certain health issues. Another name for this product is RYRE. An extract from red yeast rice is sold in the form of a supplement for easy consumption and fewer side effects. RYRE is extracted from rice fermented using Monascus purpureus, which is a form of yeast. The process used to create this supplement is not the same as the methods used for making culinary red yeast rice.

This unusual concoction was used in Asian medicine for centuries in China and other Asian countries for combating specific health issues. Not only was it used as a medicinal option, but it was also used as an additive, preservative, and food coloring, although processed differently. Red yeast rice naturally contains monacolin K, isoflavones, sterols, and monosaturated fatty acids. Monacolin is also known as lovastatin, which is an ingredient used in pharmaceutical cholesterol medicines.

Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

According to studies, red yeast rice can lower total cholesterol levels because it contains statin. It can significantly lower LDL levels. In one study, LDL levels were lowered by 22% by taking 2.4 grams of red yeast rice. And taking 1.2 grams per day could lower LDL levels by 26% in 8 weeks.

These benefits also depend on how much statin is present in red yeast rice. This does vary. Red yeast rice is also beneficial for lowering overall cholesterol levels as well. Since it contains one of the same ingredients present in pharmaceutical drugs for cholesterol, it may work a bit differently from over-the-counter medications of this type.

Red Yeast Rice Usage Instructions

Red Yeast Rice is a dietary supplement. For individuals, 12 years and over, take two capsules twice a day. Or, if your physician says otherwise, take as directed.

Ingredients Found in Red Yeast Rice Formula

Being a pure supplement for combating high cholesterol, the Red Yeast Rice formula contains one other ingredient aside from red yeast rice. This is a simplistic supplement with no preservatives or additives. It contains no gluten, corn, soy, dairy, or wheat products. This product is safe for use by everyone as long as you have the physician’s approval. Ingredients are:

Red Yeast Rice

Made from fermenting rice with various types of yeast, red yeast rice is created for many purposes. It can be used for food coloring, additives, or as a preservative for foods. The most notable way to use red yeast rice is for Chinese medicinal purposes.

Monacolin K

A naturally occurring ingredient in red yeast rice is also an ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs used to lower cholesterol. The cholesterol is lowered by decreasing how much cholesterol is produced in the liver. However, factors differ when it comes to producing red yeast rice for culinary purposes, as when it’s used for medicinal purposes. Some people who cannot handle the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs seem to be able to use natural red yeast rice products.

Vegetable Stearate

Vegetable stearate, otherwise known as magnesium stearate, is a form of magnesium that’s found in plants. Many times, it’s used to bind elements of capsules or pills together for natural medicines. It’s also used as lubrication to make it easier to put power, extracts, or herbal substances into medicines.

Magnesium itself is necessary for a healthy diet, therefore it is a safe component of Chinese herbal supplements. Vegetable Stearate appears as a white powder. It feels greasy to the touch.

Red Yeast Rice Manufacturer Information

Vinco Inc. is a source of clinical nutrition that you can trust. They are committed to providing the best science-based supplements to consumers. This company believes in family values, offering high-quality formulas for numerous conditions, illnesses, and chronic issues.

For decades, Vinco placed quality as a top priority with testing from the cultivation of ingredients to the manufacture of its products. You can find Red Yeast Rice and other supplements from Vinco on AcuAtlanta.

Only the purest ingredients are used in this company’s products. Vinco sources ingredients from all over the world to ensure only the best components are used to build their products. With consumers in mind, each supplement or formula is offered at the best possible price for affordability. This makes living a healthy life a dream come true for everyone.

Product Info

Serving Size: 2 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving
Red Yeast Rice 1200 mg

Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Stearate

  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy/ Milk Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Corn Free

Suggested Use

Directions for use:

As a dietary supplement for adults and children twelve or more years of age, take two capsules twice daily, or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.



Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you have a history of, or are at risk of liver disease. Do not take more than four capsules in a 24 hour period.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place; do not expose to excessive heat


Tamper resistant. Do not purchase if seal is broken