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Arthro Muscotox C4 1 oz

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Product Description

Apex Energetics Arthro Muscotox C4 Antitox Homeopathic Formula

Note: Apex Energetics is a professional grade product line administered only by licensed health practitioners. In order for clients to make a purchase, Apex Energetics requires a nutrition consultation with one of our practitioners. Clients may contact us at 866-910-1567 to schedule a consultation.

What Artho Muscotox C4 is Best For

Arthro Muscotox C4 may be used for the following:

  • Supports normal joint and muscle function
  • Occasional joint and muscle aches, pain, or stiffness
  • Occasional post-workout lactic acid build-up
  • Mild drainage effect
  • Useful for body-builders, athletes, the elderly, the middle-aged

How Arthro Muscotox C4 Works

Arthro Muscotox C4 Serving Size

Adults may take: 8 drops under the tongue, 1 to 2 times per day, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Children may take: Half the adult dose.

Arthro Muscotox C4 Ingredients

Bryonia 10X, 12X, 15X, 30X Arnica Montana 10X, 12X, 15X, 30X Rhus Toxicodendron 10X, 12X, 15X, 30X Bellis Perennis 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X Sarcolacticum Acidum 6X, 9X, 12X, 15X Uricum Acidum 6X, 9X, 12X, 15X Fraxinum Excelsior Gemmae 1X Berberis Vulgaris 1X Formica Rufa 9X, 12X, 30X Dulcamara 9X, 12X, 30X Symphytum Officinale 4X, 6X, 9X Echinacea Purpurea 1X Rhododendron 4X, 6X, 9X, 12X Chininum Sulphuricum 4X, 6X, 9X Actea Spicata 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X Ammonium Benzoicum 4X, 6X, 9X Ruta Graveolens 4X, 6X, 9X Pulsatilla 12X, 15X, 30X Chelidonium Majus 1X Lacticum Acidum 30X Ledum Palustre 6X

Arthro Muscotox C4 Side Effects

There are no known side effects.

Arthro Muscotox C4 Where to Buy

Arthro Muscotox C4 product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Arthro Muscotox C4 Apex Supplements Online here at or our clinic.