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Si Ni San 100 cap

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Product Description

Si Ni San Capsules

Unit Size: 100 Caps

Potency: 5:1 extract granules encapsulated

Actions: Out-thrusts depression, soothes the liver, and regulates the spleen

Pattern: Liver-spleen disharmony

Tongue: Usually has a yellow coating.

Pulse: Usually wiry.

English name: Bupleurum & Chih-shih Formula Caps


Spreads the Liver Qi; regulates the Spleen; expels pathogenic influences.*


  • Bupleurum Radix (Chai Hu) 26.67%
  • Paeonia Radix (Bai Shao) 26.67%
  • Citrus Auruntium Fructus - Immature (Zhi Shi) 26.67%
  • Glycyrrhiza Radix (Gan Cao) 19.99%