Product Description

Hyperquell, 180 caps

Unit Size: 180 (10:1 extract) capsules

Dosage: Three capsules two times per day equal not less than 30g of raw medicinals

Potency: 10:1 (average) 500mg

Chinese Symptomology: Tou tong (headache);Xuan yun (dizziness);Pi juan (fatigue)

Western Symptomology: High Blood Pressure;Headache;Dizziness;Hypertension

Actions: Supplements the qi, nourishes the blood, and enriches yin, levels wind, clears heat, and quickens the blood, regulates and rectifies the qi mechanism.

Pattern: Qi, blood, and yin vacuity with liver depression and possible wind, heat, and/or blood stasis.

Chinese name: Hong Jing Tian Sheng Yang Jiang Ya Fang

English name: Hyperquell, 180 caps


Designed especially to help patients with asymptomatic high blood pressure.

Most hypertension involves an inhibited qi mechanism giving rise to depressive heat. By promoting the upbearing of the clear, one resolves that depression and, therefore, clears the heat and discharges the fire that may give rise to internally engendered wind. Although this may seem contradictory to some, in fact, it is not. Clear yang is not the same as ascendant liver yang hyperactivity.

In Chinese medical textbooks, hypertension is predominantly associated with ascendant liver yang hyperactivity. However, many patients with hypertension have very few symptoms. Typically, the blood pressure must be quite high before high blood pressure becomes symptomatic. Nonetheless, blood pressure tends to rise with age and many patients suffer from asymptomatic hypertension. Further, in real life, most hypertension patients manifest complex combinations of vacuity and repletion. According to Li Dong-yuans yin fire theory, spleen qi vacuity may result in ascendant liver yang hyperactivity or, at the very least, coexist with such hyperactivity. In that case, simply downbearing yang with heavy, yangsubduing, counterflow-downbearing medicinals (such as Os Draconis, Long Gu, Concha Ostreae, Mu Li, Concha Haliotidis, Shi Jue Ming, and Haemititum, Dai Zhe Shi) may actually work against the successful lowering of the blood pressure. According to Wang Mao-song, in those cases, one must upbear the clear yang at the same time as clearing the liver and extinguishing wind. Upbearing of the clear yang is generally accomplished by combining one of more spleen-fortifying medicinals with one or more acrid, exterior-resolving medicinals. Because the qi mechanisms upbearing and downbearing are reflexive and depression leads to heat and hyperactivity, upbearing of the clear leads to downbearing of the turbid, resolution of depression, and clearing of heat via out-thrusting.

According to Yan De-xin, all chronic diseases associated with aging involve at least an element of blood stasis. Hypertension is just such a disease. Modern research with this formula suggests it can lower blood pressure within a week at the same time as it improves heart function and treating heart arrhythmias. It will only reduce the blood pressure if it is a vacuity pattern or blood pressure.

This formula can be combined with others to enhance treatment. For marked liver-blood-kidney yin vacuity, add Qi Ju Di Huang Wan. For empty heat symptoms, add Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan. If there are heart palpitations due to malnourishment of the heart spirit complicated by phlegm heat, on may add Blue Poppy Herbs Eleven Flavors Warm the Gallbladder. If high blood pressure is associated with perimenopausal chong and ren disharmony, one might add Blue Poppy Herbs Ultimate Immortals. If there are symptoms of chest bi due to blood stasis, one might add Dan Shen Yin Wan.


Hong Jing Tian; Suan Zao Ren; Tai Zi Shen; Gou Teng; Dan Shen; Huang Qi; Ge Gen; Bai Ji Li; Tian Ma Mi Huan Jun; Ju Hua; Fu Ling; Bai Shao; Sheng Ma