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Feng Sui Dan

Many concerns with health can be found in Chinese medicinal knowledge of the neurological Gu Syndrome. Chronic illnesses of the kidneys, immune system, reproductive system, and digestion are often treated individually with an entire range of vitamins, supplements, and western formulas. However, Feng Sui Dan can tackle all these issues, and more. Along with menopausal and neurological problems, according to medicines originating from centuries ago, Feng Sui can also balance the entire heat and cold centers of the body.

The unique qualities of Feng Sui Dan were first recorded in the 13th century within a pharmacological encyclopedia. But the popularity of the remedy didn’t come about until the Qing Dynasty. In modern times, this supplement combats illness with powerful, yet simple herbal ingredients, three, to be exact. For those who struggle to find the right solution for individual illnesses, like immune deficiencies, and other issues like digestion problems, Feng Sui can prove to be a miracle supplement for all these ailments. This product provides a singular treatment for multiple problems.

This supplement, with its simple combination of ingredients helps individuals live a healthier lifestyle and continually improve difficult health areas. Although the ‘Gu Syndrome’ may not be considered a condition rooted in reality in western culture, its symptoms are clear enough, and Feng Sui Dan approaches this condition with useful solutions that greatly improve human health.

What is Feng Sui Dan?

Since the 19th century, Feng Sui Dan has been considered a core solution for the Sichuan Fire Spirit School of Chinese Herbal Medicine, started by medical professor Zheng. This professor based his medical knowledge on the importance of the body’s yang qi. Although Aconite was often used in developing similar herbal remedies, instead, herbalists used the phellodendron bark as an integral portion of the supplement.

Phellodendron bark, to Chinese herbalists, represented heaven, earth, and humanity, which in modern translations means the heart, the kidney, and the spleen. Combining the bark with cardamon, Feng Sui Dan can be used for many other pathologies. Feng Sui Dan, in essence, harmonizes the heart and the kidney, which, according to the Fire Spirit school represents fire and water. This supplement contains Myanmar Amomum, salt-treated Phellodendron bark, and jujube flower honey-baked licorice. Feng Sui Dan is a Heritage Classical Pearl product.

Features of Feng Sui Dan

Feng Sui Dan, a Heritage Classical Pearl product, has many beneficial properties and features. It is an unmodified remedy created with only the highest quality of ingredients to battle health conditions like cardiovascular disease and kidney problems. This supplement can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other Classical Pearl products. Feng Sui Dan’s features include:

  • Classical ingredients of this product are founded in source texts. This supplement is based on research about archeological and historical discoveries related to Chinese medicine.
  • This supplemental formula highlights potent ingredients which are relevant to modern medical practices but in an unmodified form.
  • Feng Sui Dan supplemental formula contains rare classical and complex prescriptions which are not produced in high quantity in modern times. It’s a unique and highly effective product.

Ingredients Found in Feng Sui Dan

There are only three major ingredients found in Feng Sui Dan. These potent ingredients work together to create a solution to a number of illnesses. From the heart to the digestive system, these simple yet complex properties bring harmony to the body.

Phellodendron Bark

Not to be confused with the houseplant, Philodendron, bark from the Phellodendron plant can be used in various supplements and medicinal formulas in Chinese herbal medicines. Chemicals in the bark can reduce swelling and redness, reduce stress, and help with osteoarthritis. One particular chemical can possibly low ‘bad’ cholesterol which is responsible for clogging arteries. Phellodendron bark can be helpful with skin conditions, digestive issues, such as diarrhea, and even diabetes.

Myanmar Amomum

A species of ginger plant, the Myanmar Amomum is used for various issues including digestive troubles. It is an effective solution for stomach cramps deriving from liver and spleen issues. It also promotes digestion and consistency in this area. It helps with reproductive issues, sinus problems, and even the flushing of toxins from the body through the kidneys.

Jujube Flower Honey-baked Licorice

Licorice if used either raw or honey prepared. It is a harmonizer that balances how herbs work with each other in formulas and supplements. Some herbs are cooked to enhance their natural properties. Also honey prepared licorice is toned done and soothing to perfectly balance energies without an overwhelming effect. These ingredients balances hormones, reduces and soothes inflammation, and heals wounds.

Feng Sui Dan Manufacturer Information

Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, after 20 years of study with Chinese herbal masters, founded Classical Pearls. Together with his own clinical experience treating western society’s conditions, he discovered a need for a more potent herbal formulation. With increased conditions proving difficult to treat, Fruehauf set out to find a true solution to various medical issues.

At AcuAtlanta, individuals can find the supplemental formula, Feng Sui Dan and other Classical Pearl Legacy, Heritage, and Single Herb solutions. These formulas help balance, heal, and treat a full range of health issues. With a combination of some of the most powerful and effective herbs, Classical Pearls changes both physical and mental health for everyone.

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