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Dairy Allergen Mix 1 ounce

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Product Description

Dairy Allergen Mix



Homeopathic Indications: Dairy Allergen Mix is for the temporary relief of symptoms of allergies to calcium in foods and supplements, including cramping of muscles, fatigue, and musculoskeletal weakness.


1-10 drops under the tongue, 3 times a day or as directed by a health professional. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age.


  • ATP (4X)
  • Apiolum (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Benzoicum Ac (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Cholinum (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Cinnamic Acid (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Eugenol (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Folic Acid (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Formalinum (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Histaminum Hydrochloricum (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • L-Asparagine (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Lac Deflor (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Lac Vac (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Menadione (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Oophorinum (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Phenyl Isothiocyanate (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Quercetin (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Rutin (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Sac Lac (6X 10X 30X 100X)
  • Ileum (8X)
  • Jejunum (8X)
  • Stomach (8X)
  • Coumarinum (8X 10X 30X 200X)
  • Folliculinum (8X 10X 30X 200X)
  • GABA (8X 10X 30X 200X)
  • Sarcolacticum Ac (8X 10X 30X 200X)
  • Lan Can (30X 200X)
  • Lac Fel (30X 200X)
  • Lac Humanum (30X 200X)
  • Piperine (30X 200X)
  • Calc Carb (6C 30C)
  • Calc Fluor (6C 30C)
  • Calc Phos (6C 30C)
  • Carbo Veg (6C 30C)
  • Chamomilla (6C 30C)
  • Gaertner Bacillus (6C 30C)
  • Rhus Tox (6C 30C)
  • Calcium Citrate (6C 30C 200C)
  • Calcium Gluconate (6C 30C 200C)