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Heartburn Relief 90 chewable tablets

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Product Description

Heartburn Relief

Relief for Occasional Heartburn


  • Protects the esophagus from acid
  • Relief for occasional heartburn in as little as 4 seconds
  • Naturally rebuilds the stomach lining
  • Naturally support body's processes for heavy metal detoxification


When ingested after a meal, the innovative alginate formula creates a "raft" of gel that sits on top of the "acid pocket" of the stomach. This preserves our natural gastric acid, but aids in blocking it from entering the esophagus.


Over 14 clinical trials have shown the natural approach used in Heartburn Relief is safe and effective. Most customers report instant relief in a little as 4 seconds, lasting 4 or more hours.


The alginate and herbal extracts work together to relieve irritation to the GI tract, rebuilding our natural defenses. This makes Heartburn Relief a long term solution.

Cutting Edge Research

Heartburn Relief represents a major scientific breakthrough supporting natural digestive health and total body wellness. Enzymedica has taken the most well-researched natural approach for occasional heartburn and indigestion and improved it through a collaboration with SRQ Bio, a division of the Roskamp Institute.

The Roskamp Institute is renowned worldwide and is led by scientists who uncovered the genetic cause of Alzheimer's disease. Heartburn Relief is the result of detailed scientific study to provide safe and immediate long-lasting support.

The Science of Alginate

The innovated Heartburn Relief solution is based upon combining the effects of alginate, natural buffering agents, and a unique botanical extract. The barrier effect is produced by alginate, a gel-forming compound from brown seaweed.

What separates Heartburn Relief from other alginate-containing products is that researches at SRQ Bio developed a formulation that amplifies the benefits of alginate by using natural buffering agents (calcium carbonate, trimethylglycine, and prickly pear cactus)

These compounds help neutralize excess stomach acid and they also work to reinforce the strength and flexibility of the protective barrier. The result is that a more effective raft is produced from less alginate. It allows Enzymedica to produce a better tasting chewable table. Other products typically have a foamy, chalky, unpleasant taste that isn't present in Heartburn Relief.

Usage & Notes

Recommended Use: Chew 1-2 relief chews after a meal causing discomfort. Take at least one hour after any medications. Do not exceed 6 tablets daily.

Enzymedica does not use ingredients produced using biotechnology. Consult with a physician prior to use if pregnant or nursing.