Brand: Far East Summit Chinese Classics

Shu Kan 32 oz

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Product Description

Far East Summit Chinese Classics Shu Kan 32 oz

Shu Kan , also known as Liver-Soothing Combination is a traditional Chinese herbal formula used to move Qi and resolve depression.

Product Description

Shu Kan, 32 oz.

BrandFar East Summit Chinese Classics
English nameShu Kan, 32 oz.
Unit Size32 oz.
ActionsMoves qi and resolves depression.
IngredientsCyperus rhizome, White Peony root, Citrus peel, Green Citrus peel, Corydalis rhizome, Bupleurum root, Mature Bitter Orange fruit, Cardamon Amomum (sha ren)fruit, Moutan root bark, Inula flower, Chinese Licorice root, Curcuma (yu jin) root, Cardamon (bai dou kou)fruit, Aquilaria wood, Sandalwood wood, Magnolia bark, Saussurea root.