Brand: Great Wall

Shu Kan Wan (Condensed) 120 pills

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Great Wall Shu Kan Wan (Condensed)

Shu Kan Wan (Condensed) is a tradtional Chinese formula used to dredge Liver Qi, moves Liver Blood, harmonizes Liver and stomach, and relieves pain.

Brand Great Wall Brand

English name Shu Kan Wan (Condensed)

Chinese name

Unit Size 120 pills

Serving Size Take 5 pills, three times a day, with boiled and cooled water.

Contraindications Pregnancy

Chinese Symptomology liver qi stagnation, epigastric distention or pain, costal distension, indigestion, poor appetite, belching, nausea, hiccups, esophageal spasm, vomiting, irritability - Fradkin

Actions Dredges liver qi, moves liver blood, cools liver heat, harmonizes liver and stomach, counters ascent of stomach qi, relieves pain - Fradkin

Pattern Liver qi stagnation

Ingredients Active Ingredients Sichuan Pagado Tree Fruit, White Peony Root, Turmeric Root & Stem, Polyporus Sclerotium, Bitter Orange Fruit, Corydalis Stem, Aloeswood Bark With Resin, Cardamon Fruit, Costus Root, Aged Tangerine Peel, Magnolia Bark, Nutmeg Seed. Inactive Ingredients Cornstarch and Water.


Use for liver qi stagnation overacting on stomach and spleen - Fratkin