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Stone Clearing (Reformulated Jin Qian Cao Stone) 90 capsules

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Product Description

Health Concerns Stone Clearing (Reformulated Jin Qian Cao Stone) Herbal Supplement

Stone Clearing is used to support normal kidney and urinary function.

What Stone Clearing is Best For

Stone Clearing may be used for the following:

Chinese Symptomology

  • Dissolves Urinary and Kidney Stones
  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Diuretic

English name

Jin Qian Cao Stone (Lysimachia Herbal Supplement)


Do not rely on this formula as the sole treatment for kidney stones. The patient should be monitored and treated with TCM in combination with Western medical approaches, such as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL).

Stone Clearing Serving Size

3 capsules, TID, between meals

90 capsules, 695 mg


Treats kidney and bladder stones.

Formula Rationale
Stone Clearing (reformulated Jin Qian Cao Stone Formula) is a modification of a Chinese patent medicine (“Passwan” – named presumably for a pill – wan – that helps to pass stones), used to treat for kidney stones. phyllanthus (Phyllanthus amarus) and related herbs have been used worldwide for kidney stones and urogenital infections; in TCM it treats damp-heat in the lower jiao. Bupleurum (chai hu) relieves stagnant qi and helps prevent and dispel stones. Tribulus (ji li) has been used to treat kidney stones and as an herbal diuretic. Other herbs that vitalize blood or have diuretic effects, include tienchi ginseng (san qi), Chinese peony (chi shao), and plantago seed (che qian zi). Phyllanthus, bupleurum (chai hu), Plantago (che qian zi), yin-chen wormwood (yin chen hao), and Chinese peony (chi shao) eliminate damp heat. Gardenia (zhi zi) and Plantago (che qian zi) clear heat and toxins. Bupleurum (chai hu), tienchi (san qi), and licorice (gan cao) have an anti-inflammatory effect. Bupleurum, Tienchi ginseng and Chinese peony (chi shao) promotes blood circulation. Tienchi ginseng is also traditionally used to reduce swelling and pain.

Clinical Notes

  1. This formula dissolves stones slowly over time.
  2. Western medicine is of importance when the condition is serious, i.e. severe pain or acute inflammation or threat of the stone entering the urethra.
  3. General course of treatment is six months to one year.
  4. Generous amounts of water should be taken by patients taking this formula to increase its effectiveness and to obviate fluid depletion.
  5. Traditionally combined with cornsilk tea (Yu Mi Xu).


Phyllanthus amarus
Bupleurum root* chai hu
Tribulus fruit* ji li
Gardenia fruit* zhi zi
Wormwood aerial* yin chen hao
Plantago seed* che qian zi
Japanese Knotweed root* hu zhang
Chinese Peony root* chi shao
Bitter Orange peel* zhi qiao
Tienchi Ginseng root* san qi
Licorice root gan cao

Stone Clearing Where to Buy

Stone Clearing product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Stone Clearing Online here at or our clinic