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Detoxication Factors 120 capsules

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Product Description

Detoxication Factors

Detoxication Factors provides comprehensive phase I and phase II support for detoxification processes. These phases seen in the liver are essential in a thorough detoxification regiment.

Form: Capsule


Liver detoxication occurs in two phases. During Phase I, enzymatic chemical reactions change both exogenous substances and endogenous toxins (e.g., hormones) into more water-soluble metabolites. In Phase II detoxication, the liver conjugates these metabolites to protective compounds - such as glucuronides, glutathione, sulfonates, and amino acids - that make them less harmful and easier to eliminate.1

Developed to support healthy Phase I and II detoxication pathways in the liver, Detoxication Factors provides an expertly formulated combination of 38 ingredients. It can be used for everyday nutritional support, for periods of increased oxidative stress and targeted cleansing, and can be incorporated into individualized endocrine, cardiovascular, or cellular support protocols.*

Detoxication Factors contains:

  • Antioxidants: nutrients that have been clinically shown to defend against oxidation and free radical damage*
  • Conjugating agents: compounds that bind and/or support the conversion of fat-soluble toxins for elimination*
  • Nutritional cofactors: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanical extracts, and other nutrients that participate in metabolic defense, repair, and restoration*


1. Nick GL. Detoxification overview. In: Clinical Purification: A Complete Treatment and Reference Manual Brookfield, Wis: Longevity Through Prevention Books; 2001:167-178.

Label Details

Does Not Contain

  • artificial coloring
  • artificial flavoring
  • dairy products
  • gluten
  • preservatives
  • salt
  • soy
  • sugar
  • wheat
  • yeast


If pregnant, nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.