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Zinc-Carnosine 60 veggie capsules

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Product Description

About Zinc-Carnosine

Zinc-Carnosine is an Integrative Therapeutics formula that contains the PepZin brand. The formula has been specifically created to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal lining while also relieving occasional bloating, nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, and other mild gastric discomforts. It also supports a healthy microbial balance in the stomach.

Benefits & Uses

Zinc Carnosine contains a health-promoting and gastro-supportive blend of elemental zinc with (1) L-histidine and beta-alanine (key amino acids) and (2) L-carnosine. This unique combination helps improve the protective mechanisms of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract without interfering with the digestive process whatsoever. Since the formula does not suppress stomach acid, it also supports the health of the gastrointestinal tissue. It is, therefore, no wonder that Zinc-Carnosine has been used in Japan for more than 20 years to combat occasional indigestion, boost GI immune defense, and promote mucosal integrity. In fact, the health benefits and efficacy of the product have been demonstrated in more than 20 published studies and controlled clinical trials in humans.

Zinc-Carnosine Ingredients

The formula contains the following:

  • Zinc-Carnosine (75mg/serving)
  • Zinc (16mg/serving)

Zinc-Carnosine does NOT contain ingredients of animal origin, preservatives, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, dairy products, soy, corn, gluten, wheat, yeast, salt, or sugar. It also does NOT have any undesirable excipients.

Other ingredients: Silicon dioxide, calcium laurate, vegetable capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), and cellulose.

The formula is specifically created to provide the body with zinc, which is a primary component of at least 300 enzymes that are required for a number of functions in the reproductive system – metabolic, physiologic, and morphologic alike. It also plays a critical role in the strengthening of the immune system, the preservation of vision, the synthesis of protein, and many more.

As for L-carnosine, studies have shown that it is a dipeptide (protein building block) found in the highest concentrations in the brain tissue, the heart, and the muscles (when they are working). Besides contributing to the enhancement of vital body functions, such as the proper development of muscles and other organs, including the brain, kidneys, liver, and heart, it also helps prevent diabetes-related complications, such as kidney issues, eye disorders, and nerve damage.

Combined with zinc, L-carnosine makes a powerful twin whose biological activity far exceeds the activities of the individual components (Zinc-Carnosine is found to stay in the stomach twice as long than each ingredient separately). Clinical studies have evidenced that the subjective measures and objective outcomes tied to the use of Zinc-Carnosine are improved significantly during the intervention periods.

How Zinc-Carnosine Works (Action Mechanisms)

The majority of digestive aids interfere in the normal digestive process and either neutralize the acid of the stomach or suppress it, which, in turn, prevents the normal absorption of minerals. Zinc-Carnosine, on the other hand, has a double action, it (1) leaves the digestive process undisturbed and (2) supports the natural cytoprotective mechanisms of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, Zinc-Carnosine helps stabilize the integrity of the GI tissues, including those in the liver, colon, small intestine, mouth, and stomach.

It also fosters healthy gastric microflora balance while also fortifying the natural mucosal defenses of the stomach and improving the body’s inherent mechanisms that are put into action when the body is dealing with a stressor.

Side Effects

  • Carnosine may lower blood pressure, in theory. Therefore, if you are taking medications for high blood pressure (aka antihypertensive drugs), the formula might have a moderate interaction with your medications. Talk to your healthcare provider about the proper dosage, as it is best to be cautious with this combination. As for individuals with low blood pressure, carnosine may cause their pressure to become too low.
  • Taking zinc long term has not been evaluated. Unless contraindicated, taking zinc for extended periods of time should be accompanied by increased copper intake, given that zinc inhibits the absorption of copper. According to scientific evidence, 2mg of copper on a daily basis is enough to prevent copper deficiency induced by long-term zinc consumption.
  • There is not enough information related to the safety of taking carnosine during pregnancy or breast-feeding. It might be better to avoid use unless your doctor suggests otherwise.


The recommended dosage is one capsule two times a day unless your healthcare professional instructs otherwise. The majority of Zinc-Carnosine clinical trials used up to 75mg on a daily basis before breakfast and at bedtime for eight weeks. The minimum dosage was 37.5 mg daily. This means that each Zinc-Carnosine dose provides between 8-16 mg of elemental zinc (depending on the amount of Zinc-Carnosine taken). In any case, it is strongly advised NOT to exceed the recommended dose.

About the Manufacturer

Integrative Therapeutics is a leading nutritional supplements manufacturer that has been creating supreme quality, science-based formulas that combine integrative and conventional medicine for over 20 years. At the same time, the company is focused not on treating the symptoms rather than addressing the root of the problem that causes ill health to individuals. For that reason, they are on a mission to provide integrative medicine professionals with actionable resources and valuable insights, so they can offer their patients full support to achieve wellbeing and health.

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