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CoptiClear 120 tablets

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Product Description

CoptiClear, 120 tabs

Unit Size 120 tablets
Properties Supports a healthy digestive system
Contraindications Caution should be used with patterns of Cold and Spleen and Stomach deficiency. Contraindicated during pregnancy
Western Symptomology Intestinal infection; Amebic dysentery with frequent bloody or watery stools; Abdominal pain; Infections, Boils, Insect bites; Poison oak/ivy, Stomach ulcers, Mouth sores; Gum infections; Skin and ear infections, Fevers with irritability; Nosebleeds
Actions Drains Fire and Toxin, resolves fever, kills parasites
Pattern Heat and Toxins accumulating in the Middle Burner
Tongue Bright red with a yellow coating
Pulse Rapid and tense, possibly flooding
Branch Stomach
Chinese name Huang Lian Su Pian
English name CoptiClear, 120 tabs


Drains Fire and Damp Heat from the Middle Burner*


Huang Lian - Coptidis Rhizoma