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Plum Pit Qi 60 tablets

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Plum Pit Qi (60 tablets)

Unit Size60
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
PropertiesRelieves the feeling that something is caught in the throat
Chinese SymptomologyA feeling that something is caught in the throat, difficulty swallowing or breathing. Irritability. Sighing. Palpitations. Depression. Cough. Panting. Chest and rib discomfort. Belching. Hiccups. Drum distention
ActionsCourses the Qi, relieves depression, descends counterflow Qi and transforms Phlegm
PatternLiver Qi depression, Liver/Stomach disharmony with counterflow of Lung and Stomach Qi producing Phlegm/Damp
TongueGreasy white coat, red sides, dark body
PulseWiry and slippery
Chinese nameBan Xia Hou Po Tang
English namePlum Pit Qi (60 tablets)


Plum Pit Qi is a classical formula indicated for a condition in which there is a sensation of having something stuck in the throat which cannot be swallowed, "plum pit throat." This pattern is often diagnosed as a psychosomatic illness according to Western medicine because no obvious physical cause can be found. Even though there is actually an emotional cause to this manifestation, Chinese Medicine diagnoses it as Qi and Phlegm knotted in the throat. The root pattern is a binding depression of Liver Qi with a concurrent inability to deal with an overwhelming emotional situation in which symbolically the patient cannot swallow. The Liver Qi attacks the Stomach causing Qi counterflow and thus interferes with the Qi transformation producing Phlegm and Dampness. The Lung and Stomach Qi counterflow causing Phlegm to become stuck in the throat so that the patient cannot expel it. Due to the severe depression of the Liver Qi there may also be rib-side pain and stuffiness in the chest.


fa ban xia treated (pinellia rhizome) fu ling kuai (poria cocos fruiting body) gan jiang (dried ginger root) hou po (magnolia bark) zi su ye (perilla leaf)