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Rehmannia Six 120 tablets

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Rehmannia Six, 120 Tablets

Unit Size120 Tablets
ContraindicationsContraindicated with an External invasion. Combine with additional formulas in cases of strong Spleen Qi deficiency with Dampness and a white, greasy tongue coat.
Western SymptomologyOccasional lower back discomfort or knee weakness, Occasional lightheadedness or dizziness, Occasional heat sensation in the palms and soles of the feet, Occasional night sweats
ActionsNourishes and supplements Kidney and Liver Yin
PatternKidney and Liver Yin deficiency, Yin deficiency with deficiency Heat, Spleen deficiency
TongueRed body and a thin coat
PulseThin, rapid
RecommendationsComplementary Formulas: Free and Easy Wanderer, Four Gentlemen, Gastrodia and Uncaria Wind Relief
Chinese nameLiu Wei Di Huang Wan
English nameRehmannia Six


Nourishes and supplements Kidney and Liver Yin. Supports healthy blood sugar levels, supports healthy water metabolism, supports healthy blood circulation, supports a healthy aging process, supports healthy vision, supports healthy kidney function.


Shu di huang (Prepared Rehmannia root), Shan zhu yu (Asiatic cornelian cherry), Shan yao (Chinese yam rhizome), Ze xie (Asian water plantain rhizome), Mu dan pi (Tree peony root bark), Fu ling (Poria), Bai zhu (White atractylodes rhizome), Sha ren ren (Chinese amomum fruit)