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Transform Accumulation in the Channels 2 ounce

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Transform Accumulation in the Channels, 2oz.

Unit Size2oz. Bottle
ContraindicationsContrindicated during pregnancy. Caution should be taken with concurrent Spleen Qi deficiency.
Western SymptomologyPhlegm or Blood accumulation in the channels of the neck, Phlegm, Heat or Blood accumulation in the Lower Burner
ActionsDisperses Phlegm accumulation, softens hardness, clears Heat
PatternPhlegm accumulation, Phlegm and Heat lodged in the Channels, Blood stagnation
TongueRed tongue body, especially at the tip, with possible thick yellow coat
PulseRapid, slippery or wiry
RecommendationsComplementary Formulas: Minor Bupleurum, Temper Fire, Four Substances
Chinese nameNei Xiao Luo Li Wan
English nameTransform Accumulation in the Channels


Disperses Phlegm accumulation, softens hardness, clears Heat. Supports a healthy reproductive system, supports healthy thyroid function, supports breast health, benefits the throat, supports healthy blood circulation, supports a healthy urinary system, supports healthy lymphatic tissue.


Xia ku cao (Prunella fruit spike), Xuan shen (Scrophularia root), Zhe bei mu (Zhejiang fritillary bulb), Dang gui shen (Dong quai root), Bo he (Chinese mint herb), Chao zhi ke (Dry fried bitter orange mature fruit), Da huang (Chinese rhubarb rhizome), Jie geng (Platycodon root), Tian hua fen (Trichosanthes root), Da qing ye (Isatis leaf), Lian qiao (Forsythia fruit), Hai zao (Sargassum herb), Bai lian (Japanese ampelopsis root), Shu di huang (Prepared rehmannia root), Gan cao (Chinese licorice root and rhizome)