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Clear Channels 2 ounce

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Product Description

Clear Channels, 2 oz

Unit Size2 fl oz. dropper bottle
PropertiesSupports healthy joints and tendons
Chinese SymptomologyOccasional dizziness and pressure; Occasional joint discomfort that gets worse in cold weather
ActionsDispels Wind and Dampness, eliminates Heat, and relieves pain
PatternWind-Cold-Damp impediment transforming to Heat in the interior
TongueTongue body reddish/variable, white or yellow greasy coat
PulseSlippery, wiry, and rapid
BranchKidney, Liver, Spleen
Chinese nameGui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang
English nameClear Channels, 2 oz


Clear Channels is indicated for a chronic condition of Wind-Cold-Damp painful obstruction, which over time has transformed into Heat and caused swelling and pain in the joints. When the pernicious influences of Wind and Dampness have settled in the body, they will commonly move to the lower extremities where they will cause edema and joint pain. This Damp obstruction can also block the ascent of the clear Yang and cause such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, weight loss and a lack of appetite. One primary manifestation of this pattern is that the Heat and swelling will be worse in the evening and confined strictly to the joints, as compared to Yin vacuity symptoms, where there are more systemic Heat signs. Clear Channels has the unique addition of the "five vines" which strengthen the action of the Cinnamon and Anemarrhena combination by further expelling Wind and Damp, unblocking the channels and alleviating pain.


Pinyin NameCommon Name
Mu guaChinese quince
Bai shaoWhite peony root
Ji xue tengSpathlobus root and vine
Sang ji shengLoranthus twig
Zhi muAnemarrhena rhizome
Chi shaoChinese red peony root
Gui zhiChinese cinnamon twig
Hai feng tengKadsura pepper vine
Kuan jin tengChinese tinospora stem
Luo shi tengStar jasmine stem
Sang zhiWhite mulberry twig
Ren dong tengLonicera stem
Ye jiao tengPolygonum multiflorum stem
Gan caoChinese licorice root