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Zizyphus Sleep 120 tablets

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Zizyphus Sleep (120 tablets)

Unit Size120
Dosage2-3 tablets up to three times per day.
PropertiesEases insomnia, restlessness.
Chinese SymptomologyInsomnia. Restless sleep. Excessive dreaming. Vacuity vexation. Anxiety. Irritability. Palpitations. Night sweating. Dizziness or vertigo. Menopausal patterns. Post operative insomnia and anxiety. Pediatric night crying. Sleep disorders
ActionsSupplements Blood, calms Hun and Shen, clears Heat, calms irritability and benefits sleep
PatternLiver and Heart Yin and Blood vacuity
TongueLight red and dry
PulseWiry and thready, possibly rapid
Chinese nameSuan Zao Ren Tang
English nameZizyphus Sleep (120 tablets)


According to the Chinese classics the ethereal soul/hun is said to reside in the eyes during the day and rest in the Liver at night while the eyes are closed. If the Liver Blood is vacuous, the ethereal soul has no place to rest, thus it is said to float up and wander. This rising up of the Yang is experienced as agitation, an inability to sleep, excessive dreaming and scattered thoughts that do not cease. This condition is considered to be more serious than simple insomnia because the deficient Liver Blood is unable to restrain the Yang. In the sheng/generating cycle of the five phases, Wood is the mother of Fire and nourishes its child, but if the mother is deficient it can lead to Heart Yin and Blood vacuity, with anxiety, irritability, palpitations, dizziness and night sweats. This pattern, called xu fan/vacuity vexation, is most common in patients who are stressed and overworked, as well as emotionally and physically depleted. It can also appear in post-partum women, patients with Blood loss after a serious trauma or surgery and when Heat evil damages the Yin. Zizyphus Sleep Formula nourishes the Liver and Heart Blood and Yin, clears vacuity Heat and calms the ethereal soul and shen/spirit.


suan zao ren chao (roasted sour jujube seed) chuan xiong (Sichuan lovage root) fu ling kuai (poria cocos fruiting body) zhi mu (anemarrhena rhizome) gan cao (Chinese licorice root)