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Coriolus Versicolor 250 grams

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Product Description

About Coriolus Versicolor

Coriolus Versicolor is a formula that contains the young fruit bodies of a particular type of mushroom, which has been widely studied and evidenced for fostering a stronger immune system. Unlike other similar products, Coriolus Versicolor does not provide the extract of the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom rather than its most active biological components, namely primordia (baby mushrooms) and mycelium (the vegetative part of the mushroom and its branching filaments), for maximum health results. These young fruit bodies are grown aseptically into a biomass powder and packed into 250gr tubs. However, besides promoting a strong immune system, the formula also contributes to longevity and helps regain healthy energy levels.

How Coriolus Versicolor Works

The way mushrooms help individuals maintain feelings of energy has been widely studied in China, Korea, and Japan. Of all mushroom types, Coriolus Versicolor has gathered the majority of attention as it has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years as a tonic. Some of the compounds found in this particular type of mushroom were shown to improve immune function in patients with a compromised immune system while also enabling them to sustain healthy energy levels. Some substances in Coriolus Versicolor mushroom are believed to act as medicines. Two of them are polysaccharide krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP), which are believed to help boost the immune system and fight tumor growth.

Why Mycelium and Primordia?

If you take a closer look at the mushroom life cycle, it will become apparent that fruit bodies occur for only a few days and form only at the completion of the mushroom life cycle. This makes them extra special. Also, one phase of mushroom growth is mycelial expansion, where the developing mycelium expands exponentially, repelling predators and competitors with a fantastic array of compounds and protective enzymes. This is probably why many people in-the-know refer to mycelium as the mushroom immune system. The production of an incredible range of enzymes continues during the peak stage of the mushroom growth known where the primordia are formed. Harvesting the mushroom during this phase (the most promising to develop into mature fruitbodies primordia) helps capture an abundant constituent profile that provides a plethora of myco-nutrients, including polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and ergosterols. The mature body develops the fruit body, which contains all of the mushroom nutrients and energy.

Other Health Benefits of Coriolus Mushroom

Studies have shown that PSP has a wide range of physiological effects. These include reducing blood fat, oxidation resistance, liver protection, and immunological enhancement. Clinical data also demonstrate that the particular mushroom substance has antiulcer effects while also enhancing memory and learning, and improving patients’ quality of life by enabling them to cause regression in disease state and have an increased resistance to diseases.

Besides fostering a stronger immune system, Coriolus mushroom is also used for treating lung and liver disorders, fighting infections, and stimulating the immune system. Other uses include skin infections, poor appetite, ringworm, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive tract and urinary tract infections, and herpes. However, more evidence is required to rate the effectiveness of Coriolus Versicolor for the uses mentioned above.

The Manufacturing Process of Coriolus Versicolor

Mycology Research Labs utilizes a proprietary cultivation system in California that enables the standardized production of Coriolus Versicolor. The selected cultivation process also ensures that the powder is free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other contamination or fungi.

Cultivated into biomass that is grown on an autoclaved (sterilized) substrate and processed under the same strictly controlled conditions that are applied when a conventional pharmaceutical is manufactured, the formula then passes quality control testing before it is released for use. Also, the biomass is dried and powdered to food-grade GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards after cultivation.

It should be noted that the fungal biomass that comprises the product is certified 100% organic in the USA by Quality Assurance International. The formula also holds EU organic certification per the EU Council Regulation.

Coriolus Versicolor Ingredients

The product contains Coriolus Versicolor biomass powder.

Note: The formula contains NO glutens, preservatives, or artificial coloring.


  • The suggested dosage is one to two spoons (2-4gr) of the formula per day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Mix the recommended dosage thoroughly with water, fruit juice, or yogurt.
  • Coriolus Versicolor product is suitable for vegetarians.
  • Store in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.
  • Always consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary or nutritional supplements.

About the Manufacturer

Mycology Research Labs is a respected dietary supplement manufacturer. It develops mushroom nutrition (aka mycology) and non-mycology formulas by cultivating selected strains of different mushroom types in California utilizing proprietary Japanese production technology.

The company selects strains for their purity (stability) and overall bioactivity and then follows a cultivation process that strictly abides by the 1990 California Organic Food Act. None of Mycology Research Labs mushroom nutrition formulas are extracts. To ensure consumers receive the maximum health benefits of mushrooms, the company includes both the primordia and mycelium of the mushroom.

Among their best-selling products are immunity-supporting Triton-MLR, Maitake-MLR, Reishi-MLR, Shiitake-MLR, Polyporus-MLR, Pleurotus-MLR, and Hericium-MLR, each containing a different mushroom type while some include a combination of more than one kind of mushroom.