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CM Core 90 capsules

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Product Description

CM Core

CM Core provides multidimensional support for normal cardiovascular function by helping to support normal cholesterol levels and normal blood pressure.

Available In: Capsule

Clinical Applications

  • Multidimensional Support for Normal Cardiovascular Function
  • Supports Normal Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Support Normal Blood Sugar Balance
  • Supports Normal Blood Pressure


Clinical research shows that cardiovascular health strategies should address multiple metabolic factors in order to achieve optimal wellness. In addition to maintaining healthy lipid levels, cardiovascular wellness is also driven by many metabolic factors, including blood sugar control, blood pressure, inflammatory balance and the profile of lipoproteins synthesized by the liver. CM Core offers multidimensional support for cardiovascular and metabolic health. Among their numerous benefits, berberine and MegaNatural BP grape seed extract activate genes that regulate lipid and glucose utilization, support normal liver function.

CM Core, a formula backed by extensive clinical research, is designed to address several factors for optimal cardiometabolic health. The powerful combination of berberine and MegaNatural BP (a premium grape seed extract) addresses normal heart function, normal blood pressure, and normal lipid and glucose levels. The far-reaching effects of CM Core provide a comprehensive formula for those seeking to optimize their cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Suggested Use

3 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

Ingredient Benefits


Berberine is a plant extract that has been used in Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine for over 2,500 years for its broad range of health-promoting properties. Clinical trials have demonstrated that berberine administration supports cardiovascular health in a number of synergistic ways including maintaining blood pressure, supporting healthy heart contraction and rhythm and supporting healthy cholesterol levels. In addition to maintaining healthy lipid levels, berberine has also been shown to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and support healthy liver function.

MegaNatural BP Grape Seed Extract

MegaNatural BP is a premium grape seed extract backed by science. It is made in California from a special seed blend extracted with water from a variety of white wine grape seeds. Grapes and grape products contain phenolic compounds which have been found to have health- promoting properties, particularly because of their involvement with the "French Paradox", or the high rate of cardiovascular wellness in the French population despite their high intake of dietary fat. Phenolic compounds are found in high concentrations in grape seed extract and have been found to support healthy arterial dilation and blood flow.