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Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula 180 vegetable capsules

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Product Description

About Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula

The product is a Pure Encapsulations formula that contains essential herbs and electrolytes to help alleviate occasional cramps of the leg muscles. It is also designed to soothe mild muscle tension while also promoting a sense of relaxation. Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula can be particularly effective when used by individuals experiencing minor muscle cramps after athletic activities, as well as those getting leg muscle cramps in the middle of the night due to muscle tension or another reason.

How Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula Works

The formula comes loaded with key compounds that play a vital role in maintaining healthy muscle contractile function. Among these are electrolytes potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which derive from limestone. In a series of trials, magnesium has been found to support the comfort of the leg muscles by relieving or significantly reducing sporadic nighttime cramping. At the same time, it helps fight occasional sleeplessness.

Other ingredients in the formula include lemon balm, chamomile, and passion flower, which are also considered traditionally soothing botanicals. On top of all others, they also have a dramatic effect when the relief of muscle tension is required. As for the rest of the herbal extracts used in the Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula, they have been closely linked with qualities that promote overall relaxation and mild stress moderation.

It is, therefore, the combination and the carefully chosen herbal compounds that work synergistically and deliver the formula’s beneficial effect.

Symptoms, Causes & Risk Factors of Muscle Cramps

When one (or more) muscles contract involuntarily, then we experience a muscle cramp, which can sometimes cause severe pain. Muscle cramps are generally harmless. However, they take away your capacity to use the affected muscle until the cramp is over. Some of the factors that could cause muscle cramps are muscle strain, dehydration, overusing a muscle, and holding a position for extended time periods. Some medications may also cause muscle cramps, as well as long periods of exercise in hot weather.

Although the overwhelming majority of muscle cramps do not pose a health risk, some might be tied to an underlying medical condition, such as mineral depletion (too little magnesium, calcium, or potassium in your diet) or compression of the spinal nerves. It may even be the outcome of inadequate blood supply (narrowing of the arteries that deliver blood to the extremities). In most cases, the cramp-like pain goes away when you stop exercising or walking (depending on what you were doing at the time before you had the muscle cramp).

As for risk factors, it has been found that dehydration, age, pregnancy, and specific medical conditions, such as liver disorder or diabetes, can make you more prone to developing muscle cramps.

Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula Ingredients

Two vegetable capsules of the formula contain:




Calcium (citrate)

50 mg

Helps build strong bones and fosters normal muscle, heart, and nerve function. May also protect against high blood pressure and diabetes.

Magnesium (citrate, glycinate)

150 mg

Boosts exercise performance, fights depression, helps lower blood pressure, reduces insulin resistance, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Potassium (citrate)

50 mg

Helps reduce blood pressure and regulate nerve signals and muscle contractions. It also prevents kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata L.) extract

100 mg

Helps fight insomnia and anxiety. It combats pain, adjustment disorder, and reduces heart failure.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) leaf extract

50 mg

Relieves stress, reduces anxiety, boosts cognitive function, eases insomnia, and treats nausea.

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) extract (flower)

50 mg

Relieves tension, reduces menstrual pain, lowers blood sugar in diabetes, prevents osteoporosis, reduces inflammation, and helps with relaxation and sleep.

Ascorbyl Palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C)

20 mg

It is a potent free radical scavenger and also delivers strong antioxidant support.

The formula is suited to both vegans and vegetarians and contains no GMOs or gluten. Muscle Cramp/Tension Formula is made with vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients.

Important Notes:

  • The manufacturer recommends 2-4 capsules per day between or with meals (in divided doses).
  • Always consult your healthcare practitioner for dosage recommendations because your medical condition may require moderated serving sizes.
  • Do NOT take the formula if you have a sensitivity to botanicals from the Compositae or Asteraceae family. The product contains chamomile, which belongs to the specific herbal family.
  • In extremely rare instances, passion flower could cause ataxia, joint pain, dizziness, or headache. Discontinue if you experience any of these symptoms.
  • There has been only one case report on tachycardia after an individual was administered passion flower.
  • Always speak with your doctor or physician before taking this formula, especially if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • Chamomile might be contraindicated with drugs for blood thinning.
  • If you are on sedative medications, speak with your doctor before taking the product due to the presence of passion flower in its ingredients.

About the Manufacturer

Pure Encapsulations was founded in 1991, and manufactures top-quality, hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements at its GMP-certified facility in Canada. The company uses pure herbal and other compounds, free from artificial colors, fillers, binders, GMOs, and common allergens.

Some of Pure Encapsulations’ best-selling products are nutrition-providing Zinc 15, nervous system-supporting B-Complex Plus, heart health-promoting Liposomal Glutathione, Vitamin D3 5000 iu, and detox-fostering NAC 600 mg.