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Tortoise-Yang 100 tablets 700 milligrams

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Tortoise-Yang, 100 tablets

Unit Size: 100 tabs, 700mg each

Western Symptomology: fatigue after physical activity, back pain, impotence, chilliness, rapid health deterioration, knee and leg weakness


invigorates yang, restrains loss of essence


Tortoise-Yang is based on a modern prescription by American herbalist Kenyon Keily. While not directly reflecting one of the Zhu Danxi formulations (as occurs with Tortoise-Yin), the ingredients of this prescription fairly represent those frequently mentioned in Dan Xi Zhi Fa Xin Yao chapter on various kinds of deficiency that include Hu Qian Wan. In particular, Zhu Danxi favored use of cynomorium and tortoise shell, which is here replaced by cynomorium plus asparagus (in the Tortoise-Yin formula, there is more asparagus than cynomoriu, the reverse here for the yang tonification strategy). Zhu also considered Cyperus as important component of treating stagnation that led to impaired activity. There are a number of options for utilizing yang tonification, such as Man's Treasurer, Epimedium 8, Pyrola 11 (formerly Gecko-A), Drynaria 12, and Ecommia 18. While these all have multiple yang tonifying herbs, the orientation of each is different. They can all address characteristic yang deficiency conditions, such as low back pain, weakness of legs, impotence, and fatigue after working, and thus give the practitioner an opportunity to provide an alternative if one is not attaining desired results (presuming adequate dosage). Initial selection can be made on the basis of the full syndrome, including symptoms and other organ system involvement. As an example, the combination here of cynomorium, cuscuta, and schizandra aids in restraining loss of essence, an important therapeutic approach to someone experiencing a rather rapid deterioration in health, while Eucommia 18, which has overlapping ingredients of morinda, cynomorium (replacing earlier ingredient cistanche), achyranthes, epimedium, and ginseng, though these are mostly in lesser quantity, is suited for long-term replenishing of kidney, especially kidney yang, once the condition has lost the negative momentum, and it could replace Tortoise-Yang for that purpose, providing broader tonification strategy.

This formula is intended for use over a period of several weeks, to be repeated as necessary; follow-up with a more general tonic prescription.

Crude herbs are hot water extracted and formed into 700mg tablets.


Suo YangCynomorium16%
Yin Yang HuoEpimedium14%
Tiang DongAsparagus10%
Ba Ji TianMorninda10%
Ren ShenGinseng9%
Tu Si ZiCuscuta9%
Xiang FuCyperus9%
Wu Wei ZiSchizandra8%
Niu XiAchyranthes7%
Chen PiCitrus Peel4%
Gan CaoLicorice4%