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Tortoise-Yin 250 tablets 700 milligrams

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Product Description

Tortoise-Yin, 250 tablets

Unit Size: 250 tabs, 700mg each

Western Symptomology: night sweating, feverish feeling, menopausal syndrome, weakness due to feverish disorder, muscular debility, chronic cough

Actions: Nourishes yin and blood, clears deficiency heat


Tortoise-Yin is based on two traditional prescriptions that are used for weakness of the kidney system. One is the simple combination of rehmannia, phellodendron, and anemarrhena (da bu yin tang), which is used for yin deficiency fire and the other is hu qian wan, which is used for debility of the limbs that occurs secondary to the yin deficiency. Tortoise-Yin nourishes yin and clears heat and is considered strengthening for the lower body. It differs from yin nourishing and deficiency heat clearing formulas such as Rhemannia 16, Restorative Tablets, and Anemarrhena Tablets mainly in its reliance on asparagus and phellodendron in substantial amounts to rapidly adjust the kidney balance away from deficiency fire and toward enrichments of essence. The combination of asparagus and cynomorium has properties similar to that of tortoise shell, an original ingredient of hu qian wan; the pair of herbs has several applications: it is used to strengthen the tendons and muscles, cool the blood, nourish the marrow, and lower ascending yang that manifests heat and sweating (such as occurs with hot flashes). Phellodendron is used here to cleanse deficiency heat. There is a description in the traditional Chinese literature of a feverish disease that can cause wasting of the body tissues (wei syndrome), especially the legs, for which hu qian wan is the main remedy. Thus, persons who show low body weight, difficulty putting on weight, or undesired weight loss may benefit from this formula; it has been applied for multiple sclerosis affecting the legs. Cases of yin deficiency, such as menopausal syndrome, that are not adequately controlled by the other prescriptions may respond to the larger doses of asparagus, cynomorium, and phellodendron in this formulation. Tortoise-Yin can be combined with kidney nourishing formulas for benefiting the marrow and spine (e.g., Cord Tabs) or reducing internal wind (e.g., Stabilizing Tabs).

To personalize add:

Restorative Tablets or Haliotis 10 - for menopausal syndrome
Rehmannia 16 - for diabetes
Astragalus 16 - for lung disease with fever and excessive perspiration
Antler 8 - for essence deficiency
Stabilizing Tablets or Cord Tablets - for kidney deficiency syndromes
Morus Fruit Tablets - for tinnitus or dizziness associated with liver yin deficiency

This formula s intended for a 1-2 month course of therapy, to be repeated as deemed necessary.


Tiang DongAsparagus17%
Huang Bai (Chuan)Phellodendron Bark15%
Sheng Di HuangRehmannia (Raw)12%
Mai Men DongOphiopogon Tuber12%
Zhi MuAnemarrhena Rz.12%
Suo YangCynomorium12%
Gou Qi ZiLycium Fruit12%
Chen Pi (Ju Pi)Citrus Peel6%
Gan JiangDried Ginger Root 2%