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Ear Liniment 1 oz

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Snow Lotus Essential Oils Ear Liniment

Ear Liniment is a blend of oils including jojoba, apricot kernel, blue tansy, tea tree and designed to soothe, calm and cool ear discomfort.

Brand: Snow Lotus Essential Oils

Unit Size: 1 fl oz

Serving Size: Massage the Ear Liniment oil completely around the root of the whole ear, with particular focus on the prominent mastoid bone just behind and parallel to the ear. In acute or severe cases, repeat this application every two to three hours until relief is obtained.

Western Symptomology: inflammatory, infectious and mucousy conditions of the eustachian tube

Ingredients: Oils of jojoba and apricot kernel, essential oils of Blue tansy, Tea tree, Thyme linalool, Helichrysum, Rosemary

A soothing, cooling, calming liniment for ear discomfort that works on inner ear conditions in general, including inflammatory, infectious and mucousy conditions of the eustachian tube.

Actions: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, mucolytic

Chinese Medicine functions: Clears heat and fire toxin, dries damp and activates Qi