Brand: Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

Sedate Fire Aromatherapy Blend 10 milliliters

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Product Description

Snow Lotus Essential Oils Sedate Fire Aromatherapy Blend

Sedate Fire Aromatherapy Blend is a blend of lime, mandarin, and Ylang ylang essential oils used for internal heat, fire rising.

Brand Snow Lotus Essential Oils
English name Sedate Fire Aromatherapy Blend
Unit Size 10 ml bottle
Chinese Symptomology irritability, overexcitement, agitation, anger, fearfulness, worry
Actions Clears heat, drains downward
Pattern Internal heat, fire rising
Ingredients Dominant oils: Lime, Mandarin, Ylang ylang

The Snow Lotus Aromatherapy Oil Blends contain the undiluted full-spectrum organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Like the single oils, they can be used in various ways, including:

Direct inhalation: Put a few drops on a tissue and inhale repeatedly until the desired effect is obtained.

Massage: Use 15 drops per 1 oz of fatty carrier oil (a 2.5% dilution) and massage into the area affected (e.g. the temples, forehead, nape, muscles, etc). Also for a whole-body massage.

Diffusor and nebulizer: Drop 5-10 drops into water for a diffuser with a heat source. For the nebulizer, use 2-4 ml (about 40-80 drops).