Brand: Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

Spirit Lift Aromatherapy Roll-On 0.33 oz

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Snow Lotus Essential Oils Spirit Lift Aromatherapy Roll-On


Spirit Lift Aromatherapy Roll-On is a blend of jasmine, neroli and bergamot essential oils creating a euphoric sweet-floral blend to beat the blues.

BrandSnow Lotus Essential Oils
English nameSpirit Lift Aromatherapy Roll-On
Unit Size.33 oz (6ml)
Chinese SymptomologyDepression, anxiety, worry, obsession, sleeping difficulties, acute or intense emotional states
ActionsTonifies Heart Blood and Yin, clears heat and glosses the mind - Holmes
PatternHeart Blood or Yin deficiency with some internal heat and mind disharmony.
Pulseweak, empty, flat (without wave) + hasty; intermittent
IngredientsSimmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil; Neroli essential oil; Jasmine esential oil; Bergamot essential oil Ylang Ylang essential oil

Uplifting, inspiring and blissful