Brand: Allergy Research Group

Pancreas Pork 720 capsules 425 milligrams

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Product Description

Allergy Research Group Pancreas Pork

Organic Glandular

Contents: One capsule contains: Pancreas Glandular tissue (Lyophilized, Porcine) 425 mg.

Pancreas Pork may be used in rotation with Beef Pancreas and Lamb Pancreas.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one to three capsules with each meal or as directed by a physican.

Pancreas Glandular Tissue is derived from government-inspected, range-fed animals, raised in New Zealand or Australia without hormones or antiobiotics.

The glandular material is frozen, then subjected to a high vacuum that vaporizes mositure directly from the solid state, thereby maintaining biological activity of the enzymes and hormones.