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Colon Cleansing Tea 20 tea bags

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Product Description

An All-Natural Way to Support Digestive Health and Regularity

Colon Cleansing Tea is an herbal tea formula from Bravo Tea designed to gently support the body's natural detoxification and elimination processes. Featuring a proprietary blend of time-tested botanicals, this tea works to maintain healthy gastrointestinal function and promote regular bowel movements.

Formulated using Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Colon Cleansing Tea brings together various herbs that have been used for centuries to support digestion. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its restorative benefits and added to create a deliciously refreshing and balanced brew.

How it Works

Upon consumption, the natural compounds in Colon Cleansing Tea get to work in the gut. Senna leaf, a classic herbal laxative, stimulates peristaltic motion in the colon to ease occasional constipation.

Other key ingredients like buckthorn leaf, rhubarb root, and fo-ti root have long been utilized in eastern practices to maintain normal bowel regularity. They nourish the intestines while gently sweeping away waste buildup and toxins.

The result is a soothing tea experience that provides relief from abdominal discomfort and allows for easier elimination - helping you feel light, refreshed and rejuvenated from the inside out.

Supporting Overall Wellness

Modern research correlates optimal gastrointestinal health with numerous aspects of whole-body well-being. When the digestive tract is functioning at its best, it positively impacts both physical and mental health in several ways.

For one, regular bowel movements are crucial for preventing toxins from accumulating in the body. This supports detoxification and the immune system. It also influences brain and neurotransmitter activity through the gut-brain axis.

Studies show imbalances in the gut microbiome are linked to issues such as mood disorders, cognitive decline, heart disease, skin conditions and more. Colon Cleansing Tea aims to maintain a balanced microflora for overall wellness.

Additional Benefits of Key Ingredients

Senna Leaf - A gentle yet effective herbal laxative, useful for hemorrhoid relief and IBS symptoms.

Buckthorn Leaf - Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. May support blood pressure, immunity and vascular health.

Fo-Ti Root - Used to support memory, heart health and relieve constipation. Also assists with skin issues.

Rhubarb Root - Effective for digestive complaints like stomach pain, heartburn, diarrhea and GI bleeding.

Eleuthero Root - Boosts energy, cognitive function, wounds healing and regulates bowel movements.

Angelica Root - Traditionally used for insomnia, appetite, gas, circulation and arthritis.

Jasmine Flowers - Soothes liver issues, combats infections and boosts libido.

How to Use

Steep 1-2 tea bags in hot water for 5-8 minutes. Add ice for iced tea or extra hot water. Squeeze tea bags before discarding. Optional - add a natural sweetener. Drink 3-5 cups daily for 2 weeks, then reduce to a maintenance dose.

Manufacturing Quality and Safety

Bravo Tea is dedicated to producing herbal products using sustainable and ethical practices. Their GMP-certified facility carefully sources only the highest quality herbs grown without pesticides. Colon Cleansing Tea contains no added caffeine, gluten or artificial ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see results?

Most people notice a difference in digestion and elimination within 1-2 weeks of daily use. Stick with the recommended dosage for optimal benefits.

Is it safe long term?

Yes, when used as directed Colon Cleansing Tea is considered safe for occasional or long-term supplementation to support healthy bowel function.

Any side effects?

Mild stomach cramping or diarrhea may occur if more than the recommended amount is consumed, especially by those sensitive to laxatives. Discontinue use if symptoms persist or worsen.

Can I take it if pregnant/nursing?

It's best to consult your healthcare provider before using any supplements if pregnant or breastfeeding, as a precaution.

How do I store leftover tea?

Seal any unused tea in an airtight container and store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months.

In summary, Colon Cleansing Tea offers a natural, effective and delicious way to support regularity, elimination and overall digestive wellness from the inside out. Its nourishing blend of traditional herbs has been proven safe and gentle when used as directed.