Brand: Classical Pearls Legacy Series

Tiger Pearls 90 capsules 500 milligrams

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Product Description

Tiger Pearls

Unit Size

90 Capsules / 500mg


Take 2 capsules three times per day, or as instructed by your health care practitioner (adjust dosage for children according to age and size



Chinese Symptomology

Constipation; or alternating loose stool and constipation; Hard stool, or alternating loose and hard stool Cold and congested feeling in lower abdomen Undigested food in stool


Resolve habitual constipation and deep-seated cellular toxicity in overall deficient individuals by clearing yangming networks (Stomach/Large Intestine) and boosting Spleen/Kidney functions Normalize bowel movements by balancing thyroid levels Curb auto-immune reactions by reducing toxic load

Chinese name

Taohe Wenpi Tang