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Lightning Pearls 90 capsules 500 milligrams

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Product Description

Lightning Pearls

Many inflammatory issues concerning the nervous system, namely fibromyalgia, lyme disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome, affects thousands if not millions of people. And it can be difficult finding a solution to these problems. After all, until recently, western medicine didn’t even believe that fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome even existed.

Lightning pearls is derived from a need for a cure for Gu Syndrome, or brain inflammation that causes these issues of the nervous system. Gu Syndrome, which affects the brain, the digestive system was first recognized in the Qing Dynasty and treated with Jiajian Su He Tang (Mint and Perilla Decoction Modified). Basically, Lightning Pearls is a unique response to modern chronic inflammatory disease and seems to work quite well.

Lightning Pearls doesn’t just counteract pathogens but also treats issues concerning the qi, yin, and blood of the patient. The phenomenon of ‘brain gu syndrome’ has roots in folklore, but after plenty of research this physical ailment has been proven to be caused by various parasites and poses a real risk to human health.

What is Lightning Pearls Herbal Supplement?

Lightning Pearls is a more substantial version of the remedy Yin Qiao San, or honeysuckle and Forsythia powder). Lightning Pearls, along with its treatment for inflammatory issues of the brain, can also treat air pressure problems during flying.

Lightning Pearls uses anti-microbial tonic herbs to treat and soothe the nervous system simultaneously. This product supports issues that include chronic or acute problems. It can treat Gu syndrome, reproductive problems, skin issues, neurological malfunctioning, and deficiencies in the immune system. It provides positive affects for the spleen, lungs, and the stomach.

Features of Lightning Pearls

All classical remedies, including Lightning Pearls have been based on traditional formulas. However, they have been modified by the combined experience of classical phytotherapy mentors and Dr. Heiner Fruehauf. Further perfecting of Lightning Pearls comes from Daoist bone healing, internal medicine experience, and traditional paozhi processing.

Lightning Pearls is gluten free, and safe for vegetarians. This supplement can be found at AcuAtlanta, along with other Classical Pearl formulas. All treatments, including this product have been designed to treat some of the most recalcitrant and difficult diseases.

  • Supplemental formulas are modified for alchemical stability
  • Potent and strong active herbal ingredients
  • Includes food-grade herbs that are suitable for long-term use
  • Ingredients are perfectly safe for use in Lightning Pearls.
  • Can be used for both common and complex illnesses and diseases

Ingredients Found in Lightning Pearls

There are many active ingredients found in Lightning Pearls. Each ingredient plays an integral part in improving the health with anti-inflammatory, soothing, or pain-relieving aspects. There are also added benefits with many ingredients, including the following:


Used historically in Nordic folklore, Angelica is an herb that grows up to 250 cm tall. It’s seeds, roots, leaves, and flowers have all been used for medicinal purposes. There are natural chemicals found in this plant that may be able to kill cancer cells and fungus, settle the stomach and reduce anxiety. Angelica can also be used for memory and cognitive skills and arthritis.


The dried fruit of the Forsythia bush is used for medicinal purposes. It’s most often used to help with airway issues and other breathing problems. Forsythia also reduces swelling and fever. Other issues like nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and skin infections can be improved as well with the addition of this ingredient.


The above ground herb and plant are used in many medicine concoctions. It’s also an ingredient in supplements and formulas other than Lightning Pearls. There are many uses for Wormwood, most notably used for digestive issues such as intestinal spasms, upset stomach, gall bladder, and appetite loss. Wormwood can also be used to treat depression, fever, muscle pain, memory loss, and liver disease. It can increase sexual desire and treat kidney and Crohn’s disease. As you can see, it’s a powerhouse herb.

Gingko leaf

This ingredient comes from the Gingko biloba tree which has fan shaped leaves. These leaves are often used as ingredients to help treat memory problems. Medicinal benefits derived from the gingko leaf also the ability to increase blood circulation and increase antioxidants. It can improve balance and treat pre-menstrual syndrome as well.


More commonly known as honeysuckle, this plant can be used to treat breathing issues, indigestion, skin problems and diabetes. The seeds, leaves, flowers, and berries are all used as ingredients in some of the most natural supplements for human health. One of the most notable issues improved with the use of honeysuckle is inflammation.

Lightning Pearls Manufacturer Information

A small group of dedicated Chinese medicine practitioners make up the company, Classical Pearls. Inspired by 20 years of study and practice in Chinese medicine, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf founded the company in 2008. Along with studies in Eastern medicine, Fruehauf also combined his experience treating conditions from Western society.

Located in the Willamette Valley in Portland Oregon, Classical Pearls is surrounded by two massage schools, two Chinese Medicine schools, conventional medical training programs, and a chiropractic college. There couldn’t be a more modern and influential environment to combine both Western and Eastern medicines to create real health solutions.

Additional Information About Lightning Pearls

Unit Size

90 Capsules / 500mg


Take 2 capsules three times per day, or as instructed by your health care practitioner (adjust dosage for children according to age and size



Chinese Symptomology

Chronic debilitating joint and muscle pain (cyclical); permanent state of exhaustion Chronic low-grade symptoms that mimic the flu; chronic headaches (cyclical), brain fog Restlessness, nervousness, inability to relax; sensation of "possession" ("I want my life back")


Nourish terrain and soothe nervous system in patients with "Brain Gu Syndrome" using anti-microbial tonic herbs Anti-pathogenic action, especially in the nervous system and brain Reduce inflammation in the nervous system; increase micro- circulation in the brain Reduce pain


Grimy and stubborn tongue coating


weak (yet occasionally aggravated or tight) pulse

Chinese name

Su He Tang Jia Jian 2