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Ascending Clarity 120 tablets

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Ascending Clarity, 120 tablets

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ContraindicationsContraindicated for vertigo due to ascending Liver Yang or Blood deficiency.
Chinese SymptomologyWind Phlegm conditions due to Spleen deficiency
Western SymptomologyVertigo, dizziness, dull headache; nausea, vomiting, weak digestion, abdominal pain; chest oppression; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and an overall feeling of heaviness
ActionsStrengthens Spleen, dries Dampness, transforms Phlegm caused by Internal Wind, extinguishes Liver Wind, expels Wind Cold while reducing Heat
PatternInternal Wind Phlegm due to Spleen Qi Deficiency, Qi stagnation and Phlegm obstructing the head
TongueWiry and Slippery
PulseSwollen with teeth marks and a white sticky coat
Chinese nameBan Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
English nameAscending Clarity, 120 tablets


Ascending Clarity is a superb formulation to treat Wind Phlegm conditions due to Spleen deficiency, and specifically for resolving turbid Phlegm in the head, causing a heavy-headed, cloudy feeling often with difficulty concentrating, vertigo, and a lingering, dull headache. In progressed stages of this pattern, the obstructive quality of Phlegm clouds the sense orifices, resulting in blurred vision and dizziness.

Over a period of time, accumulation of Phlegm obstructs the natural downward flow of Qi, leading to Rebellious, upwardly-moving Qi. Nausea, bloating and digestive pain can lead to vomiting, and a full, stifling sensation in the chest and epigastrum may build up, causing unease and discomfort. Coughing and wheezing can ensue, with the expectoration of excessive sputum. (Kan Herb Company)


Jiang ban xia (Ginger cured pinellia rhizome); Bai zhu (White atractylodes rhizome); Tian ma (Gastrodia rhizome); Fu ling (Poria); Ju hong pi (Red tangerine peel); Hong zao (Red jujube fruit); Gan cao (Chinese licorice root); Gan jiang (Dried ginger rhizome)